Getting to Know the Chair

Spring 2023 Issue
By: Kim Snyder
Kim S

Kim Snyder

NAIOP’s members are what makes this association special. They are top-notch professionals with pride in the industry, and I’m excited to be leading the association this year.

To help get to know me, Development magazine asked if I would share my thoughts on our industry and NAIOP.

What can the industry expect this year?

We will undoubtedly face challenges in 2023 as we grapple with economic uncertainty, but there are also reasons for optimism. A downturn can present opportunities for capital investment, creative problem-solving and recruiting new talent. Savvy commercial real estate developers learn to predict and assess external factors to overcome obstacles on the path to success.

Whether in office, retail, hospitality or logistics, developers need tenants. I love getting to know customers — their businesses and their needs — and helping them solve their problems so they can flourish. This makes me excited to go to work every day. Our real estate investments and career opportunities are much bigger than one development project — we’re helping create a strong economy and better communities for people to work and live.

NAIOP will help its members navigate choppy waters in the year ahead with continuing education, new research on timely topics and a collaborative membership that is willing to help others by sharing our experiences.

What areas are poised for growth inindustrial development?

Sustainable logistics is an area that I expect to boom. As companies develop industrial projects, ensuring that they are designed, constructed and operated sustainably will be key to winning and maintaining community support. Fully featured 40-foot-clear warehouses are as popular as ever, making them a solid investment opportunity. That said, smart investors are putting money into properties that are built with an eye toward the future (solar, LED, EV, etc.).

Fleet electrification, while in its infancy, is significantly impacting the industry. As landlords and tenants strive to achieve net-zero goals, the emergence of electric vehicles of all kinds will be part of that solution.

What are your goals as NAIOP Chair?

Our association is growing — surpassing new records at the end of 2022 — yet the membership structure is complex and can be challenging to explain. We need to simplify and streamline, making the structure easier to understand to avoid potential barriers for members. I’m pleased to share that a task force has been appointed to examine this issue.

During the past two years, the industry has strengthened its commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEI&B). As we develop the next strategic plan, we need to establish meaningful and actionable tenets supported by the executive committee and propelled into action steps by our board. This commitment needs to be supported with a budget for further recruitment, development and education for all members on the merits of a diverse workforce so that our association can demonstrate its commitment to all underrepresented individuals in commercial real estate.

For decades, NAIOP Corporate — uniting 52 chapters across the U.S. and Canada — has successfully represented the members on federal policy issues; however, we need to work with our chapters to align our priorities on common issues and problems facing regions, states and provinces. This year, we’ll survey members to identify key issues to create a more focused approach to advocacy on all levels.


Kim Snyder, President,
Western Region
2023 NAIOP Chair

Let’s Get Personal

Years in the industry?

38 years

How did you get involved in NAIOP?

I started attending local NAIOP events for networking purposes and soon realized the educational opportunity was immense. I also appreciated the convergence of my interest in government and public policy with NAIOP’s legislative efforts, and
I still find this focus very rewarding.


Married with four kids: two boys and two girls, ages from 17-30.

Last book read?

“1421: The Year China Discovered America” by Gavin Menzies

Best vacation spot?

Kauai, Hawaii

Favorite out-of-the-office activity?

Learning a new tune on my guitar. It’s amazing how good playing can make me feel.

Industry mentor?

Hamid Moghadam, Prologis’ CEO and the best CEO I have ever worked for in my career.

Best words of wisdom you ever received?

“Work smarter, not harder.”

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