Membership FAQs

Get your questions on membership renewals answered.

NAIOP dues are determined by a combination of factors including age, the chapter you select, and if your company has other members in that chapter.

To request an application showing member types and dues amounts, email and provide the name of the chapter you are interested in joining (find the one closest to you here) or your complete contact information (to help us determine the chapter).

  • Login to the NAIOP website (located on the top right to the left of the search bar),, with your email address and password (member ID#, unless you changed it).
  • Once logged in, your name will appear in place of the Login link
  • Access Manage My Account by hovering over your name, and visit Renew My Membership.

If you have problems renewing your membership, please contact member services at 800-456-4144

The quickest way to obtain a receipt for your dues payment is to renew online. Payments made online automatically receive a receipt or you can print your payment confirmation page. Receipts can also be accessed online in My Account.

Invoices are available online in My NAIOP Account.

To access your renewal invoice:

  • Login to the NAIOP website (located on the top right, near the search bar) with your email address and User ID (member ID#, unless you changed it).
  • Access Manage My Account by clicking your name, and visit My Account.
  • Then choose My Invoices and View Membership Invoices.

Canadian members' dues amounts are in Canadian dollars and will be charged in Canadian dollars.

The decision to remit payment for voluntary dues is strictly yours. If you elect to pay those dues simply remit the amount listed in the total dues at the bottom of the invoice. Should you choose not to include some or all of the voluntary dues, simply subtract them from the amount listed in the total dues line and remit the revised payment.

NAIOP Legislative Support Voluntary Contributions are for U.S. members only.

Legislative Issues Fund (LIF): Funds collected for LIF support NAIOP's legislative efforts (Link: Advocate). LIF contributions are fully tax deductible.

Contributions to both LIF are voluntary and are not required for NAIOP membership. The contribution requested is only a suggested amount. You may contribute more or less than that amount or make no contribution whatsoever. NAIOP will not look upon with favor or disfavor any member by reason of the amount of their contribution or their decision not to contribute. If not contributing, or if contributing an amount different than that shown on the face of the statement, make the appropriate addition or reduction from the total amount shown as due.

The following will apply to Legislative Support Contributions:

  • LLCs or LLPs: If your legislative support contribution is paid by a limited liability company (LLC) that has elected to be taxed as a partnership, or a limited liability partnership (LLP), it will be deposited to NAIOP-PAC. Federal Election Commission guidelines require that the contributor inform NAIOP that they are eligible to make the contribution and to which partners the contribution should be attributed. NAIOP will use its best efforts to determine attribution. If NAIOP is unable to obtain the required information, or unless otherwise notified, NAIOP will assume it is an eligible contribution and attribute the contribution to the partner who is a full member of NAIOP.

NAIOP Research Foundation: Each year, the Research Foundation conducts studies and produces outstanding reports that educate commercial real estate professional and can be used to demonstrate the benefits of the industry.

Other items: Chapters may have additional voluntary contributions. Please contact your chapter for more details.

Renewal dues for a corporate invoice (a company with 4 or more members with the same primary chapter) are invoiced as a group and the dues amount is based on the total members within the company.

Individual dues amounts are not listed on the invoice since the deep discount involved with the 4th and additional members is not valid should your company fall below the minimum requirement of 4 members. Rates for any given individual may change if there are reductions in the number of members within a company. If you need to make changes to your corporate invoice please contact the member center at or 800-456-4144.

The non-deductible amount shown on your invoice indicates the portion your national and chapter dues that is nondeductible for federal income tax purposes. This represents the amount used for lobbying. The remainder of your dues may be deducted as ordinary business expenses. This nondeductible feature is a result of the Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993.