Take action with NAIOP's on issues of concern to the commercial real estate industry, such as adaptive reuse of vacant or underutilized buildings, tax policy that fosters economic growth, and clear, consistent regulatory policy.

Legislative Priorities

Adaptive Reuse

Congress should pass legislation to incentivize the adaptive reuse of vacant and underutilized commercial buildings. Adaptive reuse property conversions can help increase the supply of affordable housing and help to restore economic vitality to cities and suburbs dealing with the impact of post-pandemic workplace changes on their local communities.

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Capital and Credit

Credit availability for commercial real estate has become severely constrained, creating potential risks for the U.S. economy. Congress must exercise strong oversight of the Federal Reserve and other federal financial regulatory agencies to ensure that adequate credit is available for commercial real estate.

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Tax Policy

Congress will be considering reforms and renewals of expiring tax code provisions over the next few years. Federal tax policy affecting the commercial real estate industry should align with the economics of real estate development and investment, promote capital formation and foster community development.

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Additional Issues

Ongoing issues that affect commercial real estate, including tax and finance, environment, land use, and state and local.

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State / Local Issues

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Columns and Insights

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