Take action with NAIOP's on issues of concern to the commercial real estate industry, such as adaptive reuse of vacant or underutilized buildings, tax policy that fosters economic growth, and clear, consistent regulatory policy.

Columns and Insights

NAIOP’s government affairs team publishes articles quarterly in Development magazine and publishes blog posts bi-weekly in the Market Share blog on legislative issues affecting the commercial real estate industry. Below are the most recent articles.

Development Magazine Articles

Federal Incentives Could Help Spur Property Conversions
Development, Spring 2023
Struggling office properties are prime candidates for adaptive reuse into residential buildings.

Commercial Real Estate Benefits from Inflation Reduction Act’s Climate Change Incentives
Development, Winter 2022/2023
The bill expands tax breaks for energy-efficiency improvements in buildings.

Supreme Court Decision Upends Regulatory Framework
Development, Fall 2022
A landmark case involving the EPA could have far-reaching effects on how agencies make and enforce rules.

Biden Wetlands Regulation May Be Upended by Supreme Court
Development, Summer 2022
Waters of the United States case could resolve a long-running dispute.

Infrastructure Bill: A Down Payment on Addressing Climate Change, Energy Transformation
Development, Spring 2022
Recent federal legislation on greenhouse gas emissions gives the commercial real estate industry an opportunity to advocate for incentive-based policies.

Canada Skates Through a Status Quo Federal Election
Development, Winter 2021/2022
America’s northern neighbor is looking ahead to a post-pandemic world.

NAIOP of Florida Achieves Major Legislative Victories
Development, Fall 2021
Association’s advocacy efforts paid off amid challenging circumstances.

Biden's Infrastructure Policies Would Transform Post-Pandemic Economy
Development, Summer 2021
The 10-year, $2.65 trillion plan goes far beyond “roads and bridges” and would impact many industries, including commercial real estate.

Commercial Buildings a Key Focus of President Biden's Green Agenda
Development, Spring 2021
NAIOP supports incentive-based approaches to achieving energy efficiency.