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Designing Spaces to Create Great Experiences

By: Andy Cohen Fall 2018 Issue

A Gensler study quantifies that the right design can result in great experiences, which in turn are great for business.

NAIOP's 2018 Guide to the Mid-Atlantic

By: None Fall 2018 Issue

Are you planning a project in the Mid-Atlantic? Whether you seek an investment partner, an interior designer, a contractor or a great location, you'll find a contact in the NAIOP guide in this issue.

Retail Leasing: Minimizing Time, Cost and Risk

By: Ellen Sinreich, The Sinreich Group Fall 2018 Issue

In lease negotiations, urgency trumps precision, and the need to accommodate the other side trumps the desire to get it all.

Real Estate Demand From Cybersecurity Firms

By: Kevin Imboden, John Redeker and Elisa Konik, Cushman \u0026 Wakefield Fall 2018 Issue

A growing industry creates a major capital opportunity.

Marketing / Leasing Articles from Previous Issues

By: John Seelmeyer
Summer 2018 Issue
A speculative building in southwest New Jersey incorporates specialized systems to control spills and fire protection requirements for storage of liquid petroleum products.
By: Amanda Tran and Adrienne Schmitz
Summer 2018 Issue
As cinemas become popular anchors for retail and mixed-use developments, they are generating more foot traffic and creating synergies with other tenants.
By: A-P Hurd, Skip Stone
Summer 2018 Issue
Bringing in an independent coffee or sandwich shop rather than a national chain can mean extra work for a developer, but it can also make for livelier lobbies and streetscapes.
By: None
Summer 2018 Issue
Looking for an architect, contractor, or engineer for your next redevelopment project? The NAIOP guide in this issue lists dozens of firms throughout North America.
By: David Pugh, AIA, LEED AP, NCARB
Spring 2018 Issue
Education, health care and retail sectors offer lessons for office building developers, designers and owners as well as employers.
By: Curtis Dennis, Nedap Identification Systems
Spring 2018 Issue
Also known as mobile access, this technology allows people to access buildings via their smartphones, eliminating the need for keys or other physical credentials.
By: Audra Capas
Spring 2018 Issue
Coworking centers designed by and for women are flourishing as entrepreneurial incubators.
By: Fred Peratt, Environmental Enhancements
Spring 2018 Issue
Can beautiful landscaping make tenants happy?

Spring 2018 Issue
The economic development authorities throughout North America listed here can help you attract businesses to your area and to your developments.


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Cover Spring 2023 Issue

The spring 2023 issue of Development magazine features a cover story on industrial development in Mexico. Other articles include a look at the Novus Innovation Corridor in Arizona, a feature on how Buffalo, New York, engineered its latest comeback, and the NAIOP Research Foundation’s annual report.

Winter 2022/2023 Issue

The winter 2022/2023 issue of Development magazine features a cover story on the “midlife crisis” of aging office buildings. Other articles include a look at how e-commerce affects urban transportation systems, a profile of the Tin Building in Manhattan, and a roundtable discussion among real estate experts on trends in office and industrial development.