National Forums

Be a part of NAIOP's flagship program for exclusive networking and experience exchange.

Responsibilities and Guidelines for Members


Individuals applying for an appointment to one of the National Forums must meet four criteria:

  • Be a member of NAIOP in good standing
  • Have a minimum of 10 years of experience in the commercial real estate industry (A minimum of four years of experience is required for the Developing Leaders Forum);
  • Demonstrate significant experience in the specialization of the respective Forum; and
  • Meet the membership category criteria for the respective Forum.

Attendance Requirement

Members may not miss more than two meetings in their three-year term. At three missed meetings, a member may be asked to resign. (Members who are removed from a Forum because of attendance issues may reapply at a later date.)

At two missed meetings, NAIOP will send the member a warning letter. At three missed meetings, NAIOP staff will contact the Forum chair to let them know that the limit has been reached. It is at the discretion of Forum leadership as to whether, or not, a member is removed.

Missed meetings are not counted if there was a family, or medical emergency that prevented a member from attending.

Forum Appointment

A Forums appointment is for three years, or six meetings. Members may be reappointed to their Forum for additional three-year terms.

Confidentiality Expectation

Information shared between forum members, both during and outside of meeting times, is to be considered strictly confidential. The open sharing of information between members, which makes the National Forums experience so unique, is dependent upon members honoring this important guideline.