March 20, 2018

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Can Your Company Compete for Top Talent?

Recruiting and retaining top performers has become essential in today's highly competitive marketplace. It’s not too late to find out if your salary and bonus package is competitive with the 2017 NAIOP/CEL Commercial Real Estate Compensation and Benefits Report.
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Office Survey Results: Lack of Privacy Hinders Productivity

Less than 10 percent of respondents between the ages of 22 to 40 cited shared workspaces as their ideal office layout in a U.S.-wide office survey, perhaps because roughly two-thirds of respondents said their work was affected by constant interruptions from their co-workers.
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Six Innovative Concepts for Moving Freight

While public interest in transportation focuses largely on commuting and personal travel, much of the future growth in transportation demand will involve moving freight rather than people. Development magazine explores innovations that may change how freight is moved in the future.
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The High Costs of Poor Infrastructure for E-commerce

“Poor infrastructure is costing us money,” and preventing e-tailers from reaching their customers efficiently, said Gregory Healy of Colliers International, the keynote speaker at CRE.Insights: The Last Mile earlier this month. Infrastructure challenges amount to $3.9 trillion loss in GDP – equivalent to the GDP of Germany.
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CRE Contributions to Your State’s GDP

Development and ongoing operations of new commercial real estate in the U.S. contributed $935.1 billion to GDP and created and supported 7.6 million American jobs. See the economic impact of CRE in your state.
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Senate Passes Dodd-Frank Reform, Aims to Clarify HVCRE Policies

The Senate measure now moves to the House of Representatives, but the bill’s passage isn’t guaranteed.
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Deadline Approaching: NAIOP/Prologis Inclusion Scholarship

NAIOP and Prologis are partnering to provide a program scholarship for up to 10 individuals, helping prepare a pipeline of women and minorities for development and operations positions in commercial real estate. Apply online by March 31.
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Industry News

Amazon on Track to be a $1 Trillion Company by 2022

The company’s aggressive push to expand its advertising business will be a key driver.
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Older Adults in U.S. will Outnumber Minors by 2035

The growing size of the baby boomer population will make it so that 1 in every 5 residents will be retirement age by 2035.
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Airfreight Growth to Continue Despite Tariffs

U.S. airports are operating close to capacity, and many of the existing facilities are ill-suited to the requirements of modern cargo traffic.
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