April 24, 2018

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What's Driving NAIOP's Work?

NAIOP’s work centers around five strategic drivers that we believe are critical to the success of our members and our association: Talent Development; Vetted Knowledge; Policy and Regulation; Chapter Relations; and NAIOP Resiliency. Watch a video with NAIOP leadership and log in to learn more about our 2018-2020 Strategic Plan.
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Female Coworking Spaces: On the Rise and Under Scrutiny

Women make up 40 percent of total worldwide users of coworking spaces, and some companies are responding by offering amenities like spa-like interiors, child care, mentorship programs and more. However, at least one company has come under investigation for possible discrimination violations for its explicit mission of serving only female customers.
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How to Set Up a Private Equity Real Estate Fund

How does one go about creating a partnership to raise equity for ongoing real estate investment? An article in Development magazine introduces the contemporary structure of private equity real estate funds and outlines the steps necessary to create and properly manage a fund.
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I.CON is Bigger and Better

We’re seeing historic levels of registration for I.CON: The Industrial Conference, June 7-8, in Jersey City. Return attendees know they’re in for the industry’s best in education and networking. Register now before prices increase May 10!
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Webinar Recap: What’s Next for the Dynamic Industrial Market?

If you missed last Tuesday’s webinar, you’re in luck. Members can listen to the full archived recording and download the slide deck from the industrial-focused webinar.
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Supreme Court Considers Changing Internet Sales Tax Policy

NAIOP supports the collection of existing sales and use taxes from online retailers. Not doing so puts brick-and-mortar retailers at a disadvantage to out-of-state vendors whose purchasers can avoid taxes.
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Industry News

The Warehouse of the Future

Industry experts at Swisslog predict warehouses will be increasingly located in urban areas with sellers sharing space and consolidating delivery with the aid of autonomous vehicles, robotic picking and drones.
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The First and Last Mile of Artificial Intelligence for Businesses

A new report maps how companies and organizations are using artificial intelligence to improve their businesses.
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Blockchain: A Gentle Introduction

A crash course on blockchain, its applications and how the technology will “redesign the Internet and economy of the future.”
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