New Chicago Group Works to Enhance City's Position as Logistics Hub

Spring 2014

From a geographical and infrastructure perspective, Chicago is the foremost transportation/logistics hub in the country. But the city’s leaders, from Mayor Rahm Emanuel on down, do not like to take anything for granted, so they have formed a new group called Supply Chain Innovation Network of Chicago (SINC) to help the city and surrounding areas maintain and grow their logistics position.

Paul Fisher, vice chairman of CenterPoint Properties and president of SINC, says that Chicago has the best rail and trucking infrastructure in the nation and is at the top of its game. “Our issue is: how do we leverage all of this,” asks Fisher. “How do we continue to grow and leverage our position to attract more business to Chicago? The purpose of SINC is to look at the natural strengths of the region and see how we can increase our regional GDP.”

Fisher adds that what excites him about SINC is that executives from all segments of the supply chain — all “doers,” as he puts it — are involved in the organization. “We have people from steamship lines, trucking companies, infrastructure development firms like my company, bulk storage movers and port people. This group has a holistic view of the supply chain costs of getting goods from point A to point B. We think we can do a lot to squeeze costs out of the supply chain in this area by understanding the different parts. We also will advocate for policies to make the movement of goods better and less costly."