First Look - The Floating Office

Fall 2010
The draft (depth below the water line) of the H2O office unit is about 1.6 feet. The bottom also has runners incorporated into the design so it can sit on the ground where necessary.

Who says that your office has to be on land? In today’s age of mobility, work is portable and you can forego a conventional office and work on the water, literally!

H2Office, developed by Waterspace Developments Limited, features 42 feet of work area, 32 feet of seating area and 29.5 feet on the upper deck. The unit also contains a kitchenette, sink with cold tap water and holding tanks for fresh and grey water. (Air conditioning, microwave and flat-panel TV are optional.)

The unit was designed to be berthed in marinas and inland waterways, rivers and lakes. Berthing rates are usually calculated based on the length of the vessel (29.5 feet for H2Office). Around 200 colors are available for exterior customization and the hull is weighted to make the centre of gravity low.

the interior of the H2O floating office

While the standard floating office does not include a toilet, one can be incorporated into the design for those who would like private facilities or are in a location where facilities are not provided. Wind turbine and solar panels can power the unit.

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