What is REAP?

What is REAP

The Real Estate Associate Program – called REAP – is an industry-backed, market-driven program that finds and trains career-changing minority professionals for positions in commercial real estate, offering education, networking and on-the-job training with leading firms. It is acknowledged to be the most successful diversity initiative in the commercial real estate industry.

About the Program

REAP (Real Estate Associate Program) is the commercial real estate industry's leading diversity program bringing the country's most talented minority professionals into the world of commercial real estate.

  • 13 week, 26 class curriculum
  • Held in the country's major markets
  • Complete immersion in real estate concepts and principles
  • Teachers are industry leaders in the market's most prominent companies teaching financial analysis, market analysis, brokerage, asset management, leasing and development
  • Students go through a screening and interview process to determine eligibility
  • Supported by the industry's major trade organizations
  • Sponsored by the world's most prominent real estate companies
  • REAP graduates often enter the commercial real estate field upon completion of the program largely as a result of the contacts made while a REAP student

REAP exists because the commercial real estate industry's professional ranks are less than one percent minority at management levels-less than 1,000 people of color in an industry with more than 125,000 professionals. During its short existence, REAP has increased that minority cohort by 10 percent.

REAP's recruiting process is competitive and selective, attracting credentialed, career-changing, professionals, including architects, bankers, engineers, MBAs, lawyers and sales.

Contact REAP

For more information, visit www.projectreap.org or email REAP@projectreap.org.

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