Dutch Architect Proposes Floating Cities, by Inhabitat

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Release Date: March 2014
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K Street, Washington, D.C.

Dutch architect Koen Olthuis has made a name for himself as a designer “who pushes the boundaries of possibilities when it comes to the built environment,” notes a March 6 Inhabitat interview by Diane Pham, “Water Architect Koen Olthuis on Floating Buildings & Hydro-Cities.” Othuis’s studio,, focuses on floating buildings, and has designed floating apartment complexes in the Netherlands, a floating cruise ship terminal in the United Arab Emirates and an entire floating community of islands for the Maldives.

“What attracts me the most about floating architecture is the enormous flexibility water offers us, and the virtually unexplored limitless possibilities water brings to metropolises worldwide,” Olthuis notes. “Planning for urban change using water will help us cope with the yet unforeseen effects of climate change and urbanization.”

“Floating urban components will be a new tool in the ongoing search to make our greatest cities worldwide more sustainable and livable,” Olthuis continues. “I strongly believe that we will enter an era of consumption urbanism in which floating urban components will help us to react quickly and sustainably to the growing mix of changes.” For more on Olthuis’ thoughts on expanding the urban fabric of cities by building on water, see his February 14 presentation at TEDxVilnius.