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Former NYPD Commissioner Joins Cushman & Wakefield

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Release Date: March 2014
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Cushman & Wakefield

Cushman & Wakefield announced last week that Raymond W. Kelly, former commissioner of the New York City Police Department, will join the firm effective March 24, 2014, as president of risk management services (RMS).

Cushman & Wakefield’s newly formed RMS group will offer clients tailored solutions to manage and mitigate risks around the world. Kelly will focus on helping clients identify potential vulnerabilities and prepare for and manage risk across a number of critical areas, including physical and cybersecurity intelligence, crisis management, due diligence/site selection and emergency preparedness.

As the longest-serving commissioner in NYPD history, Kelly oversaw a steep reduction in crime, including a 40 percent decrease in violent crimes during the past 12 years. He also established the first counterterrorism bureau in a U.S. municipal police department and built the department’s intelligence bureau, creating a global intelligence program with detectives stationed in cities outside the U.S.

Kelly’s recruitment and the creation of the RMS group is a strategic move by Cushman & Wakefield President and CEO Ed Forst, who took on that role in early January. “Today is a historic day for Cushman & Wakefield,” he said on March 5. “Adding one of the world’s foremost risk management and security experts to our leadership team will provide our clients the highest level risk management service in the industry and adds incredible power to our brand.”