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Technological Advances to Manage E-commerce

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Event: E.CON 2014: The E-Commerce Conference
Release Date: March 2014
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While the customer experience was once all about intriguing displays, trying on clothes and making leisurely trips to shopping malls, today’s savvy online customers prefer a completely different experience focusing on efficiency and speed. But, in many booming e-commerce platforms, every week brings a new peak - an enormous challenge to scale growth. New technology is both fueling the growth of e-commerce at the customer level and helping to ease logistical challenges at distribution centers. In this session, you’ll come away with answers to questions like: What does new technology look like in terms of automation and internal layout; How is it implemented in the modern e-commerce fulfillment center; and what is the impact of technology on labor?

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  • Philip J. Prassas, Senior Vice President, KTR Capital Partners


  • Bryan Jensen, Principal, St. Onge Company
  • Steve Johnson, Principal, Johnson Stephens Consulting
  • Carlos Vega, Western Region Sales Manager, Intelligrated

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