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Development 14 - Avoiding the Hidden Cliff: Succession Planning for Sustainability & Success

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Event: Development 14
Release Date: December 2014
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As 50 to 65 percent of baby boomers expect to retire or substantially reduce their workloads within the next decade, analysts warn that companies without succession plans can be at great financial risk. Learn why modern day succession planning at all management levels of an organization is a must and how it helps develop talent, provide confidence to internal and external parties, create business and financial continuity and mitigate risk for the inevitable unexpected circumstances.


  • James Reinhardsen, Principal and Senior Managing Director, Heartland LLC


  • Molly Ryan Carson, Vice President, Development, Ryan Companies US, Inc.
  • Pat Duncan, former CEO, USAA Real Estate Co.
  • Douglas Howe, President, Touchstone

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