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Checking Your Market's Position on the Office and Industrial Clocks

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Release Date: January 2010
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Feels like the market is nearing the bottom, but how close are we and which markets will lead or lag the recovery? Jones Lang LaSalle provides some insights with their office and industrial "clocks," which demonstrate where each market sits within its real estate cycle. While markets are clearly still tenant favorable from a current fundamental conditions perspective, the synchronized downturn is transitioning into a variable speed recovery based on several geographic and industry factors. JLL director of research, Americas, Ben Breslau will explain:

  • The macro trends in the office and industrial markets and timeline for recovery
  • Current positioning of specific markets on the clock and factors influencing each
  • Likely markets and sectors to lead or lag and implications for market participants

There's no time to waste. Join us to check your market's position on Jones Lang LaSalle's office and industrial clocks.

Due to technical difficultites, not all of the PowerPoint slides recorded to the archive. You can access the PowerPoint slides here.

Presented by: Benjamin Breslau, senior vice president, director of research, Jones Lang LaSalle