As Demand for Flexible Office Rises, Owners Become ‘Community Builders’

FlexOffice 2018

Bisnow interviewed Daniel Levison, SharedSpace principal and speaker for FlexOffice 2018, Sept. 12-14 in Austin, Texas. See an excerpt of the article below, and register online for this collaborative conference exploring cutting-edge office trends and tech.

 As more companies, from startups to well-established businesses, rely on flexible office space to offer employees more user-friendly and cost-effective working experiences, the practice of leasing and maintaining private tenant offices is falling out of favor. More companies want access to turnkey workplace solutions and places to grow into.

Building owners are embracing the phenomenon of flexible office space, as many look to create their own flexible spaces across office portfolios. In places like London, small flexible office space operators make up 83% of the market. But to participate in this growing trend, owners have to leave behind preconceived ideas of leasing office space. They must become curators of workplace experiences.

“For owners, dealing with small tenants has never been something that you wanted to focus on,” SharedSpace principal Daniel Levison said. “To do a 500 SF deal takes as much effort as a 2,500 SF deal. But coworking has changed this to focus on building communities in office space as opposed to just leasing space.”

SharedSpace is a coworking provider based in the Atlanta Metropolitan area. The company focuses on building a community for entrepreneurial small businesses, creating spaces that emphasize collaborative workspaces and networking. It also offers flexible office space where more established companies can have private offices on a shared floor. But rather than create these spaces in a silo, SharedSpace offers its amenities to other tenants in the building, increasing the value of its other leases.

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