• Senate Committee Passes Energy Bill

    The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee fast-tracked a bill that creates new standards and efficiency targets for new construction. Unlike past drafts of similar legislation, The Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act of 2011 approaches the issue by calling on the DOE to set efficiency targets through a formal rulemaking process.      

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Development - Ownership

  • 2011 Developer of the Year – CenterPoint Properties: At the Center of Hub-Based Intermodal Development

    The downside of a real estate cycle is no picnic, but it is often the time when the best-managed, best-focused companies gain market share and emerge stronger as the economy heals. Such a company is Oak Brook, Illinois-based CenterPoint Properties.      

  • 700 Sixth Street: A Strategic and Adaptive Blend

    In July 2009, 700 Sixth Street opened with a ribbon-cutting celebrating not only the completion of a project but a vision brought to life. Washington, D.C.’s Mayor, officials from the city’s economic development and environmental agencies, the project’s Tokyo investor, and its lead tenant were all in attendance.      

  • Strategically Green - Commonwealth Centre: A Platinum Opportunity

    Commonwealth Centre sits on a 101-acre mixed-use development site located in Westfields Corporate Center in Chantilly, Virginia. The undeveloped site was acquired by BPG in the fourth quarter of 2005 for $41.75 million.      

  • Innovations in Industrial Parks: Serving Integrated Supply Chains

    A decade ago, The Pizzuti Companies developed a 304,000-square-foot, build-to-suit distribution center for Accel Inc. In the fall of 2010, they again turned to Pizzuti to deliver a larger, more efficient headquarters and operations center to be located in the New Albany Business Park.      

  • First Look - Location-Based Attraction Delivers a New Business Model

    While many funds were being created to invest in distressed assets, Koch Development was having difficulty locating stabilized assets that offered acceptable returns. Then in early 2010, an alternative investment idea was brought to Koch by a joint venture partner.      

  • Under Development - Maintaining Quality on a Fast Track Schedule

    Quality does not have to be forfeited to meet a demanding schedule. Erland Construction was awarded a renovation for Avid Technology, who was moving its corporate headquarters and leasing space in three buildings. Erland committed multiple construction crews to simultaneously manage the various components because Avid needed its new headquarters in six months.      

  • Expanding Markets - Mexico’s Industrial Real Estate Market in Recovery

    Although experts predicted that the Mexican industrial real estate market would not recover until 2011, the market began to show signs of recovery during the second half of 2010. Since then, it has remained stable, despite the downturn in the U.S. economy.      

  • Santa Monica Place: Updating the Urban Experience

    Retail owners and developers are realizing the valuable opportunity redevelopment could bring to their existing, and many times underperforming, properties. Many developers are reformulating outdated shopping centers and malls with new, out-of-the-box concepts that provide a more attractive and compelling urban experience and sense of place.      

  • First Look – The Art of Shopping

    Department stores in South East Asia are no longer solely a commercial space with the usual brick-and-mortar attributes. They now offer shoppers an expanded cultural and social experience through animation and artful design.      

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Marketing - Leasing

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  • New Voices - Career Development and Industry Know-How Comprise Developing Leaders Forum

    Networking, idea exchange, education and mentoring are all vital to young commercial real estate professionals seeking to advance their careers, broaden their networks and boost their knowledge of industry practices. The challenge is where to find the tools that offer the greatest value for the time commitment.      

  • Strategically Green - Making Money off Fuel

    A new opportunity has come on the scene that is not only sustainable but can generate revenue for developers. Clean Energy is a provider of natural gas fuel for transportation in North America and a global leader in the expanding natural gas vehicle market.      

  • New Voices - REAP Expanding Into Los Angeles Market

    The highly-acclaimed Real Estate Associate Program has seen much success in recruiting and placing talented minority professionals into commercial real estate careers in the Washington, D.C., Atlanta and New York markets, and will achieve its goal of becoming a coast-to-coast program by expanding the program to Los Angeles.      

  • On Business - Six Tips to Stay at the Top of Your Game

    Star athletes and great real estate professionals have at least one thing in common: they both want to consistently perform at the top of their game. But keeping that winning edge in an era of information overload can be challenging. The good news is that you can take steps to maintain that winning edge.      

  • First Look – The National Retail Outlook: Set For Growth in 2012

    Despite a swooning overall economy, the U.S. retail sector continued to show modest signs of recovery during the second quarter. While the overall vacancy rate for all shopping center types including malls remained at 9.4 percent, the market did manage to record occupancy growth.      

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  • Online Equity Exchange Makes Its Debut

    Imagine a combination of an online dating service, stock exchange and social network, just for commercial real estate. David Libman has imagined it, and as founder and CEO, calls it Globerex, a new online global commercial real estate equity exchange. Its purpose is to enable equity investors to find prospective investments and for commercial real estate sponsors to find equity.      

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  • At Closing - Navigating the Climate of Uncertainty

    Now that the summer has ended and we are all back at the office fully rested, we are looking to see what direction the economy and real estate markets will be heading. While the first two quarters of this year were very encouraging, the summer has brought us more uncertainty.      

  • Worth Repeating Fall 2011

    Wisdom and industry outlooks from I.con 2011, Solution Series program on retail, a corporate Board meeting presentation and a Global Manufacturing Trends Webinar.      

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