The Complexity of Urban Waterfront Redevelopment

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Release Date: November 2012
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The Complexity of Urban Waterfront Redevelopment

Waterfront brownfield redevelopment is extraordinarily complex, incorporating real estate economics, land use, community benefits, ecology, design and a host of associated disciplines. In this Solutions Series program, The Complexity of Urban Waterfront Redevelopment, Barry Hersh, Clinical Associate Professor at the New York University Schack Institute of Real Estate, focuses on the tools and techniques that help developers succeed in developing multi-faceted urban waterfront projects.   

The report discusses acquisition strategies, regulatory approvals, environmental liabilities and financing, among other topics, and provides several case studies that reveal the overall opportunity, trends and challenges for successful revitalization of urban waterfronts.

This Solution Series presentation is based on a research project funded by the NAIOP Research Foundation.  The Foundation fosters building better communities through practical research and education that advances the quality, and makes evident, the benefits of commercial real estate ownership and development.