Energy Efficiency Improvements Cut Costs, by Transwestern

File Type: Free Content, Article
Release Date: July 2013
rooftop solar panels

Building owners and managers who still have doubts about the cost effectiveness of energy efficient equipment and sustainable materials need only look at Transwestern’s new newsletter, Building Efficiencies, which has compiled data on three properties in its managed portfolio to demonstrate the financial benefits of efficiencies and sustainability.

The purpose of the publication is to analyze energy efficient practices from a financial standpoint to assist property owners in making astute, informed decisions about investing in sustainability-related capital improvements.

In this inaugural edition,” said Al Skodowski, managing senior vice president, director, LEED and Sustainability Services, “Transwestern turns the spotlight on three of the 1,400 properties the firm leases and manages nationwide for a behind-the-scenes look at the financial effects of sustainable practices.”

Building Efficiencies examines ROI at office buildings in Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., looking specifically at how much was saved in operating costs as a result of energy efficient investments.