CBRE’s Workplace of Tomorrow, Today

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Release Date: March 2014
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Boston Consulting's office of the future

CBRE has taken a bold step into the future with its new global headquarters in downtown Los Angeles, designed by Gensler, which features free-addressing (also known as untethered workspace), a paperless environment, ample daylight, open staircases, glass-enclosed conference rooms, ergonomic furniture (including treadmill desks and desks that adjust from sitting to standing heights), advanced technology and an extensive wellness initiative. The company shares its story in a seven-minute YouTube video.

According to CBRE executives, this new creative office is facilitating an entirely new way of working, increasing interpersonal interaction within the office while also enabling employees to work efficiently from remote locations. “This move was not about reducing our footprint or necessarily saving costs,” notes Andy Ratner, senior managing director for the downtown LA office, in the video. “It was about changing the workplace to better fit with how we work as an organization.

The new workspace has been a hit with CBRE employees. “One of my challenges is, everybody wants to be here, because this is where it’s happening” says Nancy Wilhite, managing director. And it’s not the first of its kind for CBRE. “We’ve already opened a dozen of these offices in Europe and Asia,” comments Laura O’Brien, global director of human resources and workplace strategy, “starting with our new Amsterdam office in 2011.” Other U.S. CBRE offices in Cleveland, Kansas City, and Boston incorporate many of these new features and provide the firm with plenty of data about how the new workplace is working.