Google to Redevelop Toronto Waterfront

Sidewalk Labs, a subsidiary under the Alphabet umbrella that also houses Google, will pilot the redevelopment of 12 acres of southeastern waterfront in Toronto. The area is now made up of industrial buildings and parking lots, but in a few years, it will be a “tech-ified” community called Quayside, Wired magazine reports in Alphabet is Trying to Reinvent the City, Starting with Toronto.

Sidewalk Labs has invested $50 million in the project, and Google will move its Toronto headquarters to the neighborhood. Eventually, they plan to expand redevelopment to the entire 800-acre waterfront area.

Sidewalk Labs wants the redevelopment to combine everyday living and technology thoughtfully. “This is not some random activity from our perspective,” Alphabet Chairman Eric Schmidt said Tuesday. “This is the culmination, from our side, of almost 10 years of thinking about how technology can improve people’s lives.”