Meet a Governor: David Grissom

David Grissom<br>Managing Partner, Westport Residential, LLC 

Why did you choose to join the Research Foundation as a governor?

I’ve been involved in NAIOP for much of my career – almost two decades – and have been part of the National Forums since the Developing Leaders Forums program launch in 2011. My experience with that group has been positive, and I have built great relationships. Getting involved in the Research Foundation was the next step in continuing to surround myself with thought leaders and industry experts. I looked at it as a terrific opportunity to spend time with contemporaries who I could learn from since they were doing different types of work in all sorts of markets. Beyond the people, I am excited by the research and how the Foundation dives into a variety of topics. Our conversations around the topics we decide to pursue are informative and thoughtful.

Has any piece of research been particularly meaningful to you?

I’ve worked across a variety of asset classes in my career, and most of my work right now focuses on multifamily real estate in various sizes of markets. A few years ago, the Foundation published “How the Other Half Builds: Small-scale Development in Tertiary Markets,” which examined development in these small but mighty markets, which are home to roughly half of the country’s population and represent a substantial portion of the commercial real estate market. I found that report particularly interesting because these types of tertiary markets aren’t typically covered in a lot of research, which tends to focus on larger areas of the country.

What sets the work of the Research Foundation apart?

So much of the Research Foundation’s work is forward-looking and can be hugely informative about the trends impacting our business. The Governors shaping our research agenda are professionals working in the industry every day. We’re a diverse group in terms of our markets, sizes of deals, years of experience and more, and I believe all our assorted experiences result in a wider variety of topics to pursue and research to explore. There’s something for everyone, and I really look forward to our conversations.

What do you see for the future of the Foundation?

Real estate is a people business and always will be, and NAIOP is the place to build those relationships, particularly through programs like the Foundation and the National Forums. As the industry evolves, so will our need for thought leadership on the topics shaping commercial real estate. NAIOP has roots in office and industrial real estate, but I see that focus expanding to cover so many more facets of the industry, including multifamily, artificial intelligence, data centers, and so many others. I’m looking forward to playing a part in how the Foundation helps prepare the industry for what’s next.