Siphonic Roof Drains Can Move Water More Efficiently

By: Brennan Doherty Fall 2023 Issue

These systems harness the power of the siphon effect, which can reduce costs and increase design flexibility on projects.

Revitalization and Revenue: Office Conversions as a Way to Rebuild Cities

By: Hilary Hamburg Fall 2023 Issue

It’s not a panacea, but reuse can inject life into business districts.

Facility Managers Must Prepare for an All-Electric Future

By: Andrew Lehrer Fall 2023 Issue

Before that, many commercial buildings could benefit from hybrid electrification.

Developers Can Cash Out Tax Credits for Renewable Improvements

By: Ethan Epstein, Dale Dekker and Adam Harper Fall 2023 Issue

A major change to the tax code could greatly incentivize green construction in commercial real estate.

The Benefits of Insulated Metal Panels for Cold Storage Facilities

By: Karim Muri Fall 2023 Issue

These versatile products have become the industry standard for refrigerated warehouses.

What Does EPA’s Proposed PFAS Regulation Mean for Commercial Real Estate?

By: Jeffrey D. Marshall and Michael J. Miller Fall 2023 Issue

A new designation for certain chemicals regulated by the Superfund law could impact property transactions.

The Future of Electric Vehicle Charging: A Guide for Commercial Real Estate Developers

By: Trey Barrineau Fall 2023 Issue

As adoption increases, demand will surge for facilities at a wide range of properties.

Report Highlights Approaches to Wellness in Distribution Centers

By: Shawn Moura, Ph.D. Fall 2023 Issue

Healthy, safe working environments are critical for attracting and retaining employees.

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Fall 2023 Issue

Download a PDF version of the Fall 2023 Issue of Development.

VanTrust Real Estate: Developing with a Difference

By: Ron Derven Fall 2023 Issue

This Kansas City-based real estate firm ‘has always been about people.’

Seattle Draws Cheers for a Daring Stadium Renovation

By: Anthony Paletta Fall 2023 Issue

The three-year makeover of Climate Pledge Arena involved complex planning and breathtaking engineering.

Development / Ownership Articles from Previous Issues

By: Robert Ferrin
Summer 2023 Issue

Creative solutions and community engagement are crucial when dealing with changes to parking policies.

By: Tim Baker
Summer 2023 Issue

The new Electronic Arts workspace in Orlando is designed with employee engagement and creativity in mind.

By: Cynthia Fraser and Lisa Laubacher
Summer 2023 Issue

The wrong method could leave owners with bigger bills than they should have.

By: Penny Mashtare
Summer 2023 Issue

Facility managers and owners need to ensure that they’re working with a strong liaison on a project.

By: Keith Simpson
Summer 2023 Issue

The massive power demands of these facilities drives site selection.

By: Gary Kerr
Summer 2023 Issue

The Commercial Triangle district in Everett, Massachusetts, provides a case study in putting a strategic vision into action.

By: Trey Rudolph and Jason Kocmar
Summer 2023 Issue

In downtown Nashville, the revitalization of the Fifth Third Center Plaza activates a large public space.

By: Matthew Goelzer and Maribel Barba
Spring 2023 Issue

A one-of-a-kind Costco arises in a Mexico City neighborhood.

By: Shaun R. Adams
Spring 2023 Issue

Vast surface parking lots around offices can be enticing targets for redevelopment.


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Cover Fall 2023 Issue

The fall 2023 issue of Development magazine features a cover story on NAIOP’s Developer of the Year, VanTrust Real Estate. Other articles include a look at a logistics prototype for dense urban areas, a conversation with author and demographer Joel Kotkin and the challenging renovation of a Seattle landmark.

Cover Summer 2023 Issue

The summer 2023 issue of NAIOP’s Development magazine features a cover story on the evolution of office amenities. Other articles include an analysis of a document from 1989 that could help real estate professionals navigate the latest downturn, an on-the-ground report from the 2022 NAIOP-Drexel Summer Real Estate Program for rising high school juniors and seniors of color, and a look at the tenants in an innovative industrial building in Vancouver, Canada.

Cover Spring 2023 Issue

The spring 2023 issue of Development magazine features a cover story on industrial development in Mexico. Other articles include a look at the Novus Innovation Corridor in Arizona, a feature on how Buffalo, New York, engineered its latest comeback, and the NAIOP Research Foundation’s annual report.