As More Cities Eliminate Parking Minimums, What Happens Next?

By: Robert Ferrin Summer 2023 Issue

Creative solutions and community engagement are crucial when dealing with changes to parking policies.

An Innovative Office Has Entered the Game

By: Tim Baker Summer 2023 Issue

The new Electronic Arts workspace in Orlando is designed with employee engagement and creativity in mind.

What’s the Right Property Tax Valuation Approach for Industrial Real Estate?

By: Cynthia Fraser and Lisa Laubacher Summer 2023 Issue

The wrong method could leave owners with bigger bills than they should have.

New & Noteworthy Projects

Summer 2023 Issue

An assortment of brief facts and figures about new and noteworthy development projects.

Seven Questions for an Architecture Firm’s Construction Administrator

By: Penny Mashtare Summer 2023 Issue

Facility managers and owners need to ensure that they’re working with a strong liaison on a project.

Developing Data Centers: Overcoming Current Challenges

By: Keith Simpson Summer 2023 Issue

The massive power demands of these facilities drives site selection.

How Municipalities Can Attract Private-Sector Investment

By: Gary Kerr Summer 2023 Issue

The Commercial Triangle district in Everett, Massachusetts, provides a case study in putting a strategic vision into action.

Setting a New Stage in Music City

By: Trey Rudolph and Jason Kocmar Summer 2023 Issue

In downtown Nashville, the revitalization of the Fifth Third Center Plaza activates a large public space.

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Summer 2023 Issue

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Development / Ownership Articles from Previous Issues

By: Matthew Goelzer and Maribel Barba
Spring 2023 Issue

A one-of-a-kind Costco arises in a Mexico City neighborhood.

By: Shaun R. Adams
Spring 2023 Issue

Vast surface parking lots around offices can be enticing targets for redevelopment.

By: Mike Jeitner
Spring 2023 Issue

This booming industrial segment requires a lot of planning for developers.

By: Brad Kuhn and Jillian Friess Leivas
Spring 2023 Issue

A case in California explores whether developers can be compensated because of a change in land-use designation.

By: Adam Roth
Spring 2023 Issue

The “Rule of 1.5” explains the impact of transportation costs on industrial real estate.

By: Coleman Wolf
Spring 2023 Issue

IoT sensors can provide unprecedented amounts of useful data for building owners, but they also require extensive security.

By: Alice Devine
Spring 2023 Issue

Advances such as permeable pavement can help contain stormwater runoff.

Spring 2023 Issue

An assortment of brief facts and figures about new and noteworthy development projects.

By: Ron Heckmann
Winter 2022/2023 Issue

Creative expression can build a positive connection to a project for tenants and end users.


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Cover Summer 2023 Issue

The summer 2023 issue of NAIOP’s Development magazine features a cover story on the evolution of office amenities. Other articles include an analysis of a document from 1989 that could help real estate professionals navigate the latest downturn, an on-the-ground report from the 2022 NAIOP-Drexel Summer Real Estate Program for rising high school juniors and seniors of color, and a look at the tenants in an innovative industrial building in Vancouver, Canada.

Cover Spring 2023 Issue

The spring 2023 issue of Development magazine features a cover story on industrial development in Mexico. Other articles include a look at the Novus Innovation Corridor in Arizona, a feature on how Buffalo, New York, engineered its latest comeback, and the NAIOP Research Foundation’s annual report.