Adding Another Dimension to Real Estate Market Analysis

By: Shawn Moura, Ph.D. Winter 2021/2022 Issue

A new model provides fresh insights into industrial and office markets.

The Benefits of Real-Time Cost Estimating

By: Michael O’Reilly Winter 2021/2022 Issue

The technique can save money, but it’s important to understand how it differs from milestone-based estimating.

Suburbs, Office Space and – Peanut Butter?

By: Trey Barrineau Winter 2021/2022 Issue

In September, NAIOP brought together national research directors and academics for an in-depth discussion of the future of the office in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

More Destinations or Faster Roads: Thinking of Traffic Congestion Like a Traveler

By: Robert Dunphy Winter 2021/2022 Issue

Access to jobs and services could be a more important metric than time spent commuting.

Modular Construction Faces Unique Risks

By: Daniel F. McLennon Winter 2021/2022 Issue

Anticipating and addressing them can help ensure successful projects.

Industrial Real Estate Opportunities in U.S. First-Mile Markets

By: TJ Parker Winter 2021/2022 Issue

Investors target these markets as demand for e-commerce continues to surge.

Expanding the Pipeline: Promoting Diversity in Undergraduate and Graduate Real Estate Programs

By: Shawn Moura, Ph.D. Winter 2021/2022 Issue

Universities can play a key role in encouraging the industry to build a workforce that better reflects the U.S. population.

All Eyes on the Global Supply Chain

By: Trey Barrineau Winter 2021/2022 Issue

Logistics and transportation issues are top of mind in the commercial real estate industry — and around the world.

Business / Trends Articles from Previous Issues

By: Rob Naso
Summer 2021 Issue
A new framework for mitigating disease in the office focuses on air quality, changing behaviors and building occupant trust.
By: Jim Villa
Summer 2021 Issue
Partnerships, planning and perseverance are all critical components of a unique project in Milwaukee.
By: Scot Murdoch
Summer 2021 Issue
The pandemic forced the industry to adapt quickly to meet soaring demand.
By: Wendy King
Summer 2021 Issue
The real estate industry faces unique challenges in designing vaccination programs based on workplace types and the nature of jobs.
By: Karl Heitman
Summer 2021 Issue
A project near Chicago shows the potential for hybrid facilities where offices, warehouse space and manufacturing operations exist under one roof.
By: Kerry Doyle and Marc Salotti
Summer 2021 Issue
A former steel mill site is being redeveloped into a major East Coast logistical hub.
By: Philip Wilkinson and Teresa Bucco
Summer 2021 Issue
A project in Pittsburgh demonstrates the potential of activating common areas in older retail destinations.
By: TJ Parker
Summer 2021 Issue
And what are the implications for industrial space demand?
By: Trey Barrineau
Spring 2021 Issue
The rollout of immunizations to defeat COVID-19 has enormous implications for the commercial real estate industry.


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The fall 2023 issue of Development magazine features a cover story on NAIOP’s Developer of the Year, VanTrust Real Estate. Other articles include a look at a logistics prototype for dense urban areas, a conversation with author and demographer Joel Kotkin and the challenging renovation of a Seattle landmark.

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The summer 2023 issue of NAIOP’s Development magazine features a cover story on the evolution of office amenities. Other articles include an analysis of a document from 1989 that could help real estate professionals navigate the latest downturn, a report from the NAIOP-Drexel Summer Real Estate Program, and a look at the tenants in an innovative industrial building in Vancouver, Canada.

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