From the Editor: An Economic Upswing

Summer 2021 Issue
By: Jennifer LeFurgy, Ph.D.
Jennifer L

Jennifer LeFurgy

As we begin to leave the worst of the pandemic behind us, optimism and enthusiasm are rising along with the temperatures. The economy is rebounding, personal savings levels are at an all-time high and unemployment levels continue to fall. 

Increased vaccination rates will inject more spending and activity such as travel and in-person dining and shopping. Industrial and residential markets lead the way while the future of office demand is in flux. Some companies are switching to all-remote work, while others will implement hybrid situations or business as usual with everyone back in the office by fall.  

Speaking of being back together this fall, I hope you can join us for what promises to be a terrific in-person meeting: CRE.Converge in Miami Beach, Florida, September 26-29. 

Enjoy your summer, 
Jennifer LeFurgy, Ph.D 

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Future NAIOP Events

  • I.CON West 2021: The Industrial Conference, August 31-September 1, Long Beach, California
  • CRE.Converge, September 27-29, Miami Beach, Florida
  • I.CON East 2021: The Industrial Conference, November 11-12, Jersey City, New Jersey

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