Preliminary Census Findings and Their Implications for Commercial Real Estate

By: Anirban Basu Fall 2021 Issue

Remote work and an exodus from cities are two of the biggest trends to emerge so far. First of a two-part series.

Today's Steps for Tomorrow's Net Zero

By: Rosa Folla Fall 2021 Issue

Passive-building strategies can get new construction to net zero energy consumption.

Three Ways Real Estate Owners Can Benefit from Parametric Insurance Coverage

By: Kimberly Gore Fall 2021 Issue

These alternative policies can be used for specific risks such as hurricanes or other natural disasters.

The Senior Living Sector is Poised for Growth

By: Julie Ferguson Fall 2021 Issue

An aging population and longer life expectancies are boosting demand for facilities.

The Future of the Office is Healthier, More Engaging Spaces

By: Trey Barrineau Fall 2021 Issue

Building owners will need to innovate to keep workers coming back.

Suburbs, Edge Cities and Santa Fe: A Conversation with Joel Garreau

By: Gerard C.S. Mildner and Trey Barrineau Fall 2021 Issue

The influential author sees the next boom towns emerging in smaller cities that are “urbane without the burdens of being urban.”

Second-Tier Cities Thrive in the Post-Pandemic World

By: Ron Derven Fall 2021 Issue

Smaller metropolitan areas are recovering faster than bigger ones, and their future looks bright.

Rising to the Occasion: How Radiant Slabs Reduce Carbon and Improve Occupant Experience

By: Alice Devine Fall 2021 Issue

They’re a green alternative to forced-air systems for heating and cooling occupied space.

Innovation Brings Change to Commercial Construction

By: Shawn Moura, Ph.D. Fall 2021 Issue

New technologies promise higher quality, faster timelines, lower costs.

Autonomous Vehicles Are Down the Road, But Where Will They Park?

By: Douglas Gettman, Ph.D. Fall 2021 Issue

Parking facilities could stay roughly the same size as they are today, but with significant redesigns.

Business / Trends Articles from Previous Issues

By: Trey Barrineau
Spring 2021 Issue
The rollout of immunizations to defeat COVID-19 has enormous implications for the commercial real estate industry.

Spring 2021 Issue
The NAIOP Research Foundation's annual report highlights the relevant studies, activities and deep dives to come in 2021 and beyond.
By: Marta Soncodi
Spring 2021 Issue
A new ratings system quantifies how effective they are across several important criteria.
By: Rob Towne
Spring 2021 Issue
Data-driven BIM and cloud collaboration tools enable design, engineering and construction efforts to be coordinated from almost anywhere.
By: Shawn Anderton
Spring 2021 Issue
Advanced work packaging techniques can boost efficiency and lower costs.
By: Alice Devine
Spring 2021 Issue
The South Landing project in Spokane, Washington, demonstrates how properties can benefit from shared energy infrastructure.
By: Jennifer LeFurgy, Ph.D.
Spring 2021 Issue
Large revenue shortfalls will accelerate technological advances, conversions and design innovations.
By: Rob Naso
Summer 2021 Issue
A new framework for mitigating disease in the office focuses on air quality, changing behaviors and building occupant trust.
By: Jim Villa
Summer 2021 Issue
Partnerships, planning and perseverance are all critical components of a unique project in Milwaukee.


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This issue includes a cover story on the Judson Mill District, a mixed-use textile mill revitalization project in Greenville, South Carolina. Other feature articles shine a spotlight on two innovative redevelopment projects that are converting closed auto assembly sites into new uses; the first locally grown, locally sourced mass timber building in the Southeast (Atlanta); and Marquette University’s Summer CRE High School Immersion Program.

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The winter 2023/2024 issue of Development magazine includes the boom in data center real estate development, economist’s take on what’s working and what’s not working in commercial real estate, a perspective on how artificial intelligence may reshape real estate, and a report on the outlook for capital markets, office, retail and industrial real estate.  

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