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Commercial Real Estate Professionals Faced a Challenging Year

By: Christopher Lee Winter 2020/2021 Issue

Compensation survey reveals that difficult decisions lie ahead for firms regarding pay, benefits and staffing levels.

Nonresidential Construction Outlook Darkens

By: Ken Simonson Winter 2020/2021 Issue

A “second wave” of pandemic-related trouble looms on the horizon.

What to Do When Commercial Leases End Up in Bankruptcy

By: Gary M. Kaplan and Gregory B. Shean Winter 2020/2021 Issue

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing many businesses to close, leaving landlords in the lurch.

Finance Articles from Previous Issues

By: Lisa Pendergast
Fall 2020 Issue
SOFR, the new U.S. dollar replacement rate, differs in crucial ways from its longstanding forerunner.
By: Bart Waldeck
Fall 2020 Issue
New accounting standard requires many types of leases to be added to corporate balance sheets.
By: Ken Simonson
Fall 2020 Issue
The outlook remains hazy as COVID-19's broad impacts disrupt the country.
By: Daniel Pessar
Fall 2020 Issue
Recent clarifications didn’t significantly change the law, but investors should be aware of these modifications.
By: Clayton Gantz, Steve Edwards and Tom Muller
Summer 2020 Issue
The coronavirus pandemic could create a lot of distressed assets.
By: Trey Barrineau
Summer 2020 Issue
Important advice for borrowers who own buildings where tenants are in trouble.
By: Dror Poleg
Spring 2020 Issue
The companies represent different approaches to the future of real estate, and their success or failure will offer important lessons to landlords.
By: Ken Simonson
Winter 2019/2020 Issue
Labor shortages affect 81% of contractors across the U.S. — and they don’t see the problem improving any time soon.
By: Anirban Basu
Winter 2019/2020 Issue
Inflation and unemployment remain low, but how long will these conditions last?


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Cover Spring 2023 Issue

The spring 2023 issue of Development magazine features a cover story on industrial development in Mexico. Other articles include a look at the Novus Innovation Corridor in Arizona, a feature on how Buffalo, New York, engineered its latest comeback, and the NAIOP Research Foundation’s annual report.

Winter 2022/2023 Issue

The winter 2022/2023 issue of Development magazine features a cover story on the “midlife crisis” of aging office buildings. Other articles include a look at how e-commerce affects urban transportation systems, a profile of the Tin Building in Manhattan, and a roundtable discussion among real estate experts on trends in office and industrial development.