Riverwalk San Diego: From Golf Course to Mixed-Use Development

By: Jennifer Whitelaw Winter 2020/2021 Issue

A transit-oriented project aims to create a village in the center of the city.

The Future of the Warehouse Takes Shape

By: Shawn Moura, Ph.D. Winter 2020/2021 Issue

New technologies are accelerating the evolution of industrial real estate.

Public Transit During COVID-19: Essential Service for Essential People

By: Robert T. Dunphy Winter 2020/2021 Issue

Safety on trains and buses will be a critical concern for cities in the foreseeable future.

From Vacant Super Target Store to Vertical Farm

By: Mary Ingram-Schatz Winter 2020/2021 Issue

An automated vegetable-growing process offers a creative solution for filling empty big-box stores.

First Coronavirus, Now Civil Unrest: Be Prepared

By: James “Chip” Stuart and David Chmiel Winter 2020/2021 Issue

Weeks of rioting across the U.S. this summer caused up to $1 billion in property damage.

‘Vacant’ vs. ‘Unoccupied’: When it Comes to Insurance, They’re Not the Same Thing

By: James “Chip” Stuart Winter 2020/2021 Issue

Temporary building closures can put businesses at risk of losing their coverage.

Four Moves Data Centers are Making in Turbulent Times

By: Thomas “TJ” Ciccone Winter 2020/2021 Issue

COVID-19 forced owners and operators to adapt and adjust.

KPMG's New Training Center Showcases Offsite Construction

By: Bob da Silva and Bill Flemming Winter 2020/2021 Issue

Modular components helped bring the facility online faster.

Standardization and Panelization in Multifamily Housing

By: Hill Pierce and Carl Malcolm Winter 2020/2021 Issue

These high-tech construction techniques can save time and money on projects.

Opportunities in a Post-Pandemic World

By: Marie Ruff, Betsy Russo, Linda Strowbridge, Brielle Scott Winter 2020/2021 Issue

Discussions at NAIOP’s CRE.Converge Virtual 2020 revealed optimism for the future despite current challenges.

A Difficult Forecast for Commercial Real Estate

By: Trey Barrineau Winter 2020/2021 Issue

The COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts were major topics during the NAIOP Research Foundation’s National Research Directors Meeting in September.

Speculative Cold Building Development: Trends and Strategies

By: Cameron Trefry Winter 2020/2021 Issue

This sector of industrial was booming even before the pandemic, and future demand is expected to soar even higher.

Business / Trends Articles from Previous Issues

By: Trey Barrineau, Daniel Levison and Turner Levison
Fall 2020 Issue
COVID-19 is forcing the industry to embrace teleworking and a wide array of digital tools.
By: Brielle Scott
Fall 2020 Issue
However, surging demand could lead to greater investment in the near future.
By: Ray Kimsey
Fall 2020 Issue
COVID-19 could spur greater interest in transforming suburban office parks into mixed-use developments.
By: Joe Sirkovich
Fall 2020 Issue
The Ora mixed-use project features elements that aim to mitigate flooding.
By: J. Kieran Jennings and Greg Hart
Fall 2020 Issue
Cash-strapped municipalities may look to extract more revenue from commercial properties.
By: Daniel Pessar
Fall 2020 Issue
Proposed regulations could help developments financially as well as aesthetically.
By: Alice Devine
Fall 2020 Issue
Engineered wood products provide a strong yet light alternative to concrete and steel.
By: Robert T. Dunphy
Fall 2020 Issue
Demand for truck parking exceeds supply in many parts of the country.
By: Todd Stern
Fall 2020 Issue
Hazelwood Green’s Lytle Street showcases a rare opportunity for developers to use newer technologies that ease traffic and boost walkability.


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This issue includes a cover story on the Judson Mill District, a mixed-use textile mill revitalization project in Greenville, South Carolina. Other feature articles shine a spotlight on two innovative redevelopment projects that are converting closed auto assembly sites into new uses; the first locally grown, locally sourced mass timber building in the Southeast (Atlanta); and Marquette University’s Summer CRE High School Immersion Program.

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The winter 2023/2024 issue of Development magazine includes the boom in data center real estate development, economist’s take on what’s working and what’s not working in commercial real estate, a perspective on how artificial intelligence may reshape real estate, and a report on the outlook for capital markets, office, retail and industrial real estate.  

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