Pain Spreads Wide in Retail and Hospitality

By: Shawn Moura, Ph.D., and Trey Barrineau Summer 2020 Issue

The effects of the coronavirus hit these sectors earlier, faster and more deeply than other areas of commercial real estate.

Property Owners Must Prepare for Potential COVID-19 Liability Issues

By: Ron Derven Summer 2020 Issue

During a pandemic, business-interruption insurance may not be a panacea.

COVID-19 Could Lead to Cleaner, Healthier Buildings

By: Trey Barrineau Summer 2020 Issue

Expanded sanitation processes and improved HVAC systems could become standard in the years ahead.

Force Majeure During a Pandemic: What You Need to Know

By: Grace Winters and Timi Anyon Hallem Summer 2020 Issue

It’s crucial to review contracts during uncertain times.

Amazon Could Provide a Peek at Industrial’s Post-COVID Future

By: Ed Klimek Summer 2020 Issue

The e-commerce giant understands how to connect products and consumers.

Construction Considerations During the COVID-19 Pandemic

By: Marie Ruff Summer 2020 Issue

An open, collaborative mindset is important in these unprecedented times.

Will Teleworking Change the Future of the Office?

By: Shawn Moura, Ph.D., and Trey Barrineau Summer 2020 Issue

The COVID-19 pandemic might not have a massive economic effect on the office sector, but it could spark big new ideas on the use of space.

'This is Not a Financial Crisis. This is a Natural Disaster.'

By: Shawn Moura, Ph.D. and Trey Barrineau Summer 2020 Issue

The coronavirus hit the economy and commercial real estate like a hurricane.

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Summer 2020 Issue

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Spring 2020 Issue
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