Thank You for a Great Year as Chairman

Winter 2019/2020 Issue
By: Greg Fuller
Greg Fuller

What an exciting and eventful year it has been for me, our industry and our association. NAIOP is certainly operating on all cylinders as the industry continues to flourish amid the longest recovery on record.

For me, it has been an incredibly rewarding experience to serve as your chairman. I’ve truly enjoyed meeting members from all corners of the U.S. and Canada. Sharing what NAIOP has meant to me, and learning how it’s shaped others’ careers and advanced our industry, has been a meaningful opportunity.

The end of 2019 concludes the second year of our current strategic plan, which was developed by our board with the input of members via surveys and focus groups. We are already starting the research and member-input portion of the 2021-2023 plan. I encourage you to participate by offering your ideas and feedback so that we can ensure our goals align with your expectations and needs.

NAIOP has moved the ball forward on many of our strategic goals this year, which demonstrates the association’s firm commitment to advancing the programs, research and services that benefit our members, including:

  • For the first time, we hosted two I.CON industrial conferences in a single year. The fervor of the industrial market and NAIOP’s recognition as the leader in industrial real estate helped drive the success of these meetings. Both were greeted with record crowds and sponsorship investments, and we’ll look forward to hosting two I.CONs again in 2020. Additionally, we hosted a  fantastic CRE.Converge conference in Los Angeles in October, where 1,300 of the industry’s finest came together. The feedback NAIOP receives on the on-site dealmaking and networking prove that our conferences are truly recognized as can’t-miss events.
  • We’ve explored the addition of two new NAIOP chapters and hosted kick-off events to meet interested members in Ottawa and Austin. If you have colleagues or offices in these cities, encourage them to get involved.
  • Both the National Forums and the Research Foundation continue to grow. New Forums are focusing on industrial opportunities and Developing Leaders, and the 66th governor has pledged to support the important work of the Foundation. These next-level opportunities drive thought leadership and long-term engagement with the association.
  • Legislatively, we’ve worked on federal issues including Waters of the United States and energy policies, as well as corrections to the tax bill. Our government affairs team has collaborated with chapters across the U.S. on such pressing issues as affordable housing, tax increment financing, regulatory and permitting processes and more. Much of the focus through the 2020 election will be on Proposition 13 in California, where NAIOP has joined forces with a coalition to defeat a ballot initiative that targets commercial real estate for tax increases.

An exciting achievement for the close of 2019 is the addition of our 20,000th NAIOP member. This is a huge triumph and one that clearly shows the value our members receive from NAIOP, both locally in chapters and across the organization through our research and events that help advance businesses and connect members.

I’ve been fortunate to visit 18 chapters as chairman, and from small to large, each chapter is thriving, and members really appreciate what NAIOP means to them and their businesses. I’ve particularly enjoyed getting to know the Developing Leaders and sharing how my NAIOP membership has been so valuable to me and my company thanks to the many relationships that have been created.

I’m pleased to pass the gavel to Larry Lance, our 2020 chairman. I know that our future is bright under his leadership and the many chairs who will follow. My thanks to the executive committee, board of directors, members and staff for your support and encouragement this year.




Gregory P. Fuller
President and Chief Operating Officer, Granite Properties, Inc.
2019 NAIOP Chairman