An Ohio Suburb's Strategy to Win Business Investments

By: Jennifer Chrysler Summer 2019 Issue

New Albany, about 15 miles northeast of downtown Columbus, maximizes the planning process to beat major cities in the development sweepstakes.

Blue, Green and Smart: New Land-Use Patterns Drive Modern Stormwater Technologies

By: Anthony Mayer Summer 2019 Issue

As densities increase, environmentally advanced infrastructure and systems can help developers manage runoff in cities.

The Future of 5G in the Commercial Real Estate Industry

By: Jeff Gudewicz Summer 2019 Issue

A reliable cellular and data network will be vital for a wide range of businesses and other activities.

Activating Public Spaces Can Attract Users, Create Community

By: Angelo Carusi Summer 2019 Issue

A Nashville-area mixed-use development illustrates the uplifting potential of landscape architecture.

Tee-Commerce: Acing the Golf-Course Conversion

By: Steve Kros Summer 2019 Issue

With acres of open space in prime locations, abandoned golf courses can be ideal spots for infill warehouse and distribution facilities.

Data Drives Decision-Making in Retail Real Estate

By: Stacy Engles Wipfler Summer 2019 Issue

Analytics can guide store size and configuration, help save money and improve customer engagement.

Commercial Real Estate and the Big-Data Deluge

By: Trey Barrineau Summer 2019 Issue

Awash in granular digital information, companies are diving headfirst into high-tech solutions so they can make more deeply informed business decisions.

Intelligent Security Strategies Can Support Smart Buildings

By: Hank Monaco Summer 2019 Issue

Interconnected security systems help make for safer, more efficient facilities.

Business / Trends Articles from Previous Issues

By: Christine Banning, IOM, CAE, National Parking Association
Spring 2019 Issue
Right-sizing parking can save money, lead to less congestion and create alternative land uses.
By: Various
Spring 2019 Issue
The NAIOP Research Foundation's annual report highlights the relevant studies, activities and deep dives to come in 2019 and beyond.
By: Trey Barrineau
Spring 2019 Issue
Higher pay, shifts that allow for work-life balance and reasonable, fair HR policies can draw better talent, according to a national survey.
By: Mary Burke Baker, K\u0026L Gates LLP
Spring 2019 Issue
Main Street and industries also stand to benefit from the new tax incentive.
By: Trey Barrineau
Spring 2019 Issue
The sector’s productivity hasn’t improved much in years, but that could be changing as workforce challenges increase.
By: Diane Hoskins and Andy Cohen, Gensler
Spring 2019 Issue
To lure top talent, employers must integrate technology and unique experiences into their spaces.
By: Joseph Ballmer
Spring 2019 Issue
The aging U.S. population could make this a commercial real estate trend to watch.
By: Tom Chung, Leers Weinzapfel Associates
Spring 2019 Issue
This efficient, environmentally friendly way to build could increase quality while reducing labor costs.
By: Jennifer LeFurgy, Ph.D., NAIOP Research Foundation
Spring 2019 Issue
A new research brief explores the uses — and concerns — of technologies that gather and transmit massive amounts of data.


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Winter20232024Archive Winter 2023/2024 Issue

The winter 2023/2024 issue of Development magazine includes the boom in data center real estate development, economist’s take on what’s working and what’s not working in commercial real estate, a perspective on how artificial intelligence may reshape real estate, and a report on the outlook for capital markets, office, retail and industrial real estate.  

Cover Fall 2023 Issue

The fall 2023 issue of Development magazine features a cover story on NAIOP’s Developer of the Year, VanTrust Real Estate. Other articles include a look at a logistics prototype for dense urban areas, a conversation with author and demographer Joel Kotkin and the challenging renovation of a Seattle landmark.

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The summer 2023 issue of NAIOP’s Development magazine features a cover story on the evolution of office amenities. Other articles include an analysis of a document from 1989 that could help real estate professionals navigate the latest downturn, a report from the NAIOP-Drexel Summer Real Estate Program, and a look at the tenants in an innovative industrial building in Vancouver, Canada.