Automated Parking Comes to the US

By: Scott Gable, CityLift Parking Summer 2018 Issue

While automated parking facilities are commonplace in Germany, Japan and China, they are gaining momentum in North America.

Coworking Spaces With Child Care Services

By: Camille Galdes Summer 2018 Issue

A new type of coworking center is emerging to meet the needs of parents with part-time or flexible work schedules and child care needs.

Transitioning Toward the Autonomous Vehicle

By: Audra Capas Summer 2018 Issue

Partially automated cars are already here, and will soon begin to have major impacts on commercial real estate, particularly parking infrastructure.

What Lies Ahead for Commercial Real Estate, Part 2

By: Bill Hunt, Elmhurst Group Summer 2018 Issue

A look at some of the trends presenting challenges and creating opportunities for CRE.

Business / Trends Articles from Previous Issues

By: Robert T. Dunphy
Spring 2018 Issue

All of these innovations could affect how goods are delivered directly to consumers in the future.

By: Aaron Ahlburn, JLL
Spring 2018 Issue
Supply chain advances and new technologies are affecting how, where and what types of industrial facilities are being built.
By: Hasier Larrea, Ori
Spring 2018 Issue
North American developers are animating small spaces with architectural robotics.
By: Gregg Katz, The Shopping Center Group
Spring 2018 Issue
Aerial imaging technology enables commercial real estate professionals to research properties much more quickly and easily than in the past.
By: Jason Tolliver, Carolyn Salzer, Jared Jacobs and Jolanta Campion, Cushman & Wakefield
Spring 2018 Issue
The average clear height of warehouse ceilings has increased steadily over the past 20 years.
By: Camille Galdes
Spring 2018 Issue
Columbus, Ohio, is using public-private partnerships and $50 million from the U.S. Department of Transportation and Vulcan Inc. to revolutionize its transportation infrastructure.
By: Ron Derven and Margarita Foster
Winter 2017/2018 Issue
Commercial real estate has been a slow adopter of new technology, but that’s about to change.
By: Ken Simonson, chief economist, Associated General Contractors of America
Winter 2017/2018 Issue
Labor and materials concerns loom large.
By: Dan Letter, managing director, Prologis
Winter 2017/2018 Issue
Prologis Georgetown Crossroads, a three-story, 590,000-square-foot logistics building, is now under construction in the heart of Seattle’s transportation network.


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Winter20232024Archive Winter 2023/2024 Issue

The winter 2023/2024 issue of Development magazine includes the boom in data center real estate development, economist’s take on what’s working and what’s not working in commercial real estate, a perspective on how artificial intelligence may reshape real estate, and a report on the outlook for capital markets, office, retail and industrial real estate.  

Cover Fall 2023 Issue

The fall 2023 issue of Development magazine features a cover story on NAIOP’s Developer of the Year, VanTrust Real Estate. Other articles include a look at a logistics prototype for dense urban areas, a conversation with author and demographer Joel Kotkin and the challenging renovation of a Seattle landmark.

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The summer 2023 issue of NAIOP’s Development magazine features a cover story on the evolution of office amenities. Other articles include an analysis of a document from 1989 that could help real estate professionals navigate the latest downturn, a report from the NAIOP-Drexel Summer Real Estate Program, and a look at the tenants in an innovative industrial building in Vancouver, Canada.