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NAIOP of Florida represents the commercial real estate industry at the State level. It provides strong advocacy, education and business opportunities, and connects its members through a powerful network. NAIOP is the leading organization for commercial real estate knowledge, networking and advocacy.

Local Chapters

NAIOP Central Florida Chapter
Lindsay Winter
P. O. Box 560667
Orlando, Florida 32856

NAIOP Tampa Bay
Kelsey Bokor
4205 W. Bay View Ave.
Tampa, Fl 33611

NAIOP Northeast Florida
Carmel Buchanan
P. O. Box 10681
Jacksonville, Florida 32247

NAIOP Northwest Florida
Brandice Pelfrey, CMP
P. O. Box 841
Pensacola, Florida 32591

NAIOP South Florida
Jules R. Morgan
1500 W. Cypress Creek Rd #406
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33309

Employment Opportunities in Florida

Use NAIOP’s partnership with SelectLeaders – the industry’s top resource for job postings and career-related resources – to find your next position or hire qualified industry professionals for your company in the NAIOP Career Center.

Employment Opportunities in Florida

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NAIOP Florida Chapters Celebrate Signing of Bill (July 8, 2020)

New Florida law eliminates lease witness requirement, Business Observer (July 24, 2020)

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Legislative Affairs

Support Gradual Elimination of Business Rent Tax

Legislative Vehicles

  • Senate Bill 60 by Hukill - Reduces tax from 5.8 percent to 5.0 percent.
  • House Bill 409 by Ahern and Senate Bill 902 by Perry - Creates the stairstep elimination of the tax, with the first step being first $10,000 of total rent exempt from BRT in 2019, and moving up $10,000 each year, until capping at $90,000 in 2027.
  • Annual Tax Package - Leadership has already indicated they will try to find some additional relief to BRT.

About Business Rent Tax

  • Florida is the only state with a business rent tax
  • Overall, this tax costs businesses $1.7 Billion a year
  • A 1% reduction in the tax would result in $286.9 Million saved annuallyby Florida businesses
  • Estimated Revenue Back to the State: The repeal of the tax outrightcould create up to 185,000 jobs and $20 billion in economic impact.(Source: Fishkind & Associates report, “Economic Impact of Sales Tax Exemption forCommercial Leases in the State of Florida”, September 15, 2013)
  • Reducing This Tax Will Spur Florida’s Economy: $286.9 million inrevenue will infused back into the economy for job creation and expansion

Promote Fair Taxation

Legislative Vehicles

  • Senate Bill 650 by Baxley - Would allow for a land owner to petition the value adjustment board up to 60 days after the deadline, if there are extenuating circumstances.
  • House Bill 7001 - Proposes an amendment to state Constitution that would prohibit a state tax or fee from being imposed or raised except through a two-thirds vote of each house of the legislature.

For your Consideration

  • Property Tax Value Adjustment Boards: support private property owner’s rights to contest unfair governmental practices
  • Discourage Unnecessary Taxes and Fees: promote competitive markets by limiting regulatory distortions

Limit Burdensome Regulation

Legislative Vehicles

  • House Bill 207 by McClain and Senate Bill 362 by Perry - Adds private property rights protections to comprehensive plans.
  • House Bill 1151 by La Rosa and Senate Bill 1244 by Lee - Would significantly revise DRIs
  • House Bill 7009 (passed the House on 1/12/18) - Would reinstate the cap on attorneys’ fees for workers compensation claims up to $150 an hour. There is no Senate vehicle yet.
  • Senate Bill 324 by Young and House Bill 697 by Miller - Would require that the earliest a local government can collect impact fees is at the issuance of C.O.
  • House Bill 725 by Williamson and Senate Bill 1144 by Perry - Will require governing body of local government to post its permit and inspection fee schedules and link to annual utilization report (how the fees are being used within the department) on its website.
  • House Bill 299 by McClain - Would revise the membership by eliminating several board seats, including the seat representing the commercial building owners and managers industry. Based on conversations at board meeting, NAIOP opposes any change that would eliminate representation from the commercial real estate industry.

For Your Consideration

  • Growth Management: preserve the positive changes that are helping drive Florida’s growth
  • Reform DRI process to allow for market driven growth
  • Worker’s Compensation Reform: support reform that will reduce rates
  • Contain impact fees and prevent deflating a growing market
  • Create transparency in fees charged for permits and inspections
  • Hold building departments accountable for reviewing and processing permits and inspections
  • Preserve building commissions standards as is

Promote Economic Prosperity

Legislative Vehicles

  • House Bill 17 by Raburn (passed the House on 1/12/18) and Senate Bill 432 by Lee - Curb the authority of CRAs and eliminate same by 2038. Based on conversations at the annual meeting, NAIOP supports reasonable regulations on CRAs to encourage transparency and responsible spending, but opposes broad elimination of CRAs. These entities have driven successful redevelopment in many parts of the state.

For Your Consideration

  • Preserve CRAs as catalysts for commercial development in communities
  • Support the renewal of the job growth grant fund ($85 Million for Infrastructure)
  • Continue to promote Florida’s business and travel brands
  • Enterprise Florida and Visit Florida: continue to fund promotional campaigns

Water Management

Legislative Vehicle

  • Senate Bill 1620 - Would create the Florida Water Infrastructure Needs Solutions Task Force. This would study Florida’s water needs and submit a report to the Governor , Speaker and President by December 1, 2019.

For Your Consideration

  • Common Sense Approach to Protecting and Preserving Environment and Water Quality Without Stifling or Prohibiting Development


Officers and Directors

Darcie Lunsford

Darcie Lunsford, Executive Vice President
Butters Realty & Management

Thomas G. Wilson

President-elect and Lead: Business Friendly CRE Regulations
Trey Wilson, Partner
Driver, McAfee, Hawthorne and Diebenow, PLLC

Joe Rossi

Joe Rossi, Executive Managing Director - Central FL
Colliers International

Jeff Lucas

Jeff Lucas, President
Central Florida Development

Chris Palmer

Lead: Economic Prosperity
Chris Palmer, Advisor
SVN l Southland Commercial Real Estate

Brian DePotter

Lead: Fair Tax
Brian DePotter, Managing Partner
First Pointe Advisors

Brendan McFarren

Lead: Sustainability
Brandon McFarren, Vice President - Development & Leasing
Catalyst Healthcare Real Estate

Brandon Dedekind

Lead: Growth Management
Brendon Dedekind, VP - Market Officer Central Florida

Fiitch King

Fitch King, President
Morgar Realty, Inc

Graham Marar

Graham Mavar, Partner
Harrod Properties

Yvonne Baker

Past President
Yvonne Baker, Regional Managing Partner
Franklin Street



PAC Members

Mark Corlew, Principal
Grover Corlew

Kyle Jones

Trey Wilson, Partner
Driver McAfee Hawthorne Diebenow

David Smith, Project Director

Jeff Lucas, President
Central Florida Development

Graham Mavar, Partner
Harrod Properties

Will Dunaway, Shareholder
Clark Partington Atorneys at Law

Jim Reeves, President
The Aragon Group of Pensacola, Inc.

Yvonne Baker, Regional Managing Partner
Franklin Street

Dawn Proffitt, Director of Business Development
R. C. Stevens Construction Company



Commercial real estate development in Florida is a powerful economic engine, creating jobs and generating significant fiscal contributions to local, state and national economies.

A Look at Florida

  • Contributions to state economy (GDP) | $20.0 billion
  • Wages and salaries generated | $6.8 billion
  • Jobs created and supported | 161,122

Florida Quick Facts

  • NAIOP Member - 1,015
  • NAIOP Companies - 533



Jules Morgan

Jules Morgan, Executive Director (General Contact)




Chris Carmody, Lobbyist