House Sprint to Avoid Nov. 17 Shutdown

November 07, 2023

The House of Representatives is set to begin a two-week sprint to pass government funding legislation that would avoid a government shutdown on Nov. 17, when the current continuing resolution (CR) keeping federal agencies operating expires. Last week, newly minted House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) managed to pass legislation providing emergency military funding for Israel but left out funding for Ukraine which the Biden administration has demanded.

Meanwhile, House Republicans are discussing how they will proceed on appropriations bills that Johnson wants to pass before the Nov. 17 deadline. Last week the House passed two of three spending bills but postponed a vote on a transportation funding bill because of Republican opposition. Johnson has raised the idea of passing a temporary CR that would have different expiration dates for federal agencies or linking passage of a CR with increased funding for border security or funding cuts. Whatever funding measure passes the House must also be passed by the Senate before Nov. 17 in order to avoid a government shutdown.