House and Senate Scheduled to Recess This Week

December 12, 2023 | Washington, D.C.

The House of Representatives and the Senate are scheduled to leave for their holiday recess at the end of the week, with major pieces of legislation still awaiting action, including supplemental funding for Ukraine and Israel, and security funding for the U.S. southern border. While there is widespread support for supplemental funding for Israel, Republicans remain divided on continued support for the war in Ukraine. Republican Senators in support of funding for Ukraine are demanding that any supplemental funding for Ukraine must include funding for border security along the U.S.-Mexico border and changes to U.S. asylum policy.

The current continuing budget resolution, which runs through Jan.19 for some government programs and Feb. 2 for others, has taken the pressure off Congress to pass a major funding measure before the end of the year, which is often the vehicle used to attach controversial measures. While both the House and Senate could delay the start of their recess and return to Washington, D.C., next week to continue negotiations, there has been little indication that the House leadership intends to do that absent movement by Democrats and the Biden administration on a border security measure that would be included in any funding measure.