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Advance your career in commercial real estate with NAIOP's courses and certificate programs!

Advance your career in commercial real estate

Center for Education

Advance your career in commercial real estate with NAIOP’s courses and certificate programs! NAIOP has developed a series of well-regarded courses that focus on various specialties within commercial real estate and has assembled a faculty of industry experts to lead course sessions and share real-world experiences.

NAIOP courses are based upon core competencies, which are specialized categories of applied skills and established industry practices, organized into the body of knowledge, that are essential to delivering financially successful projects.

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Listen to the Inside CRE Podcast

NAIOP’s official podcast, Inside CRE, is hosted by President and CEO Marc Selvitelli, and features candid interviews with commercial real estate leaders who share industry and career insights.

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Why I Choose NAIOP for CRE Education

Leander Johnson, vice president for brokerage and investments at Koa Partners, shares his experience taking NAIOP’s courses, including some of the key concepts he’s learned and how he’s been able to apply the knowledge and skills he’s gained in his professional career.

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Career Development

Getting in to commercial real estate: learn about the industry and how you can get involved.

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Certificate Program

Ready to get certified in commercial real estate and real estate finance? Start your path to fire up your career.

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Industry Terms and Definitions

Look up office and industrial terms and definitions, and download a complete PDF of the glossary.

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Integrating employees from culturally diverse backgrounds yields new voices, global viewpoints and increased creativity and productivity.

About On-demand Courses

"This program on Basic Real Estate Finance was amazing! It was helpful to learn from industry experts about the topics taught in this course - from leases to debt financing. The professors were knowledgeable and went above and beyond the slides provided to share their experiences with us!"

- Michael Brunelli, Investment Analyst, National Development

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