We asked our Research Foundation Governors: "Do you believe mentorship is important in the commercial real estate industry? Have you served as a mentor, and if so, why?"

"Yes, mentorship is very important in our industry and can accelerate learning for individuals early in their career. Finding a mentor (or two) willing to share real project experiences, highlights – and often more helpful, lowlights – is invaluable. I’ve been fortunate to have great mentors throughout my career as well as had the good fortune of being a mentor. Sharing information and experiences in this industry makes everyone better."

Molly Carson


Molly Carson
Senior Vice President, Market Leader Southwest Region, Ryan Companies US, Inc.




“Yes, absolutely. I have been on both sides of the mentorship coin in my career and believe finding a mentor and serving as one are essential to personal growth and honest self-assessment. Mentorship, if patiently and thoughtfully cultivated, can help mentors and mentees develop trusted long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial in our ever-changing commercial development industry. I have mentored many individuals over the years and find that helping others adapt, grow, and succeed drives business success and, personally, is very rewarding.”

Kate Bryden


Kim Snyder
Executive Director, Prologis