A NAIOP Research Foundation Appreciation: Skip Kalb

For many years, “Thanks, Skip!” has been a common refrain around NAIOP. This is because Skip has always generously offered his time, enthusiasm and wisdom. He is a longtime supporter of the NAIOP Research Foundation and has helped it grow and succeed, especially during the past five years.

All of us at the Research Foundation wish to express our gratitude for his support during his tenure as chair of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, which ends this year. He joined as the 49th governor in 2015 and since then has led the research committee and the Industry Trends meeting, mentored Visionaries and joined the Trustees, assuming the role of chair in 2022. His commitment to service, combined with humility, intelligence and wit, has made him a pleasure to work with.

As his term comes to a close, we want to say a big “Thanks, Skip!”