Terms and Definitions

By: Maria Sicola, CEO, Integrity Data Solutions, LLC

Release Date: April 2017

Commercial real estate is an ever-changing field, and is constantly adding new terms to its lexicon. There can, however, be disagreement about how to define those terms.

The 2017 edition of NAIOP’s terms and definitions remains the place to turn to for standardized CRE industry terminology.

This latest edition is completely updated and far more comprehensive. It defines almost twice as many terms as the 2012 glossary did, and includes new sections providing retail, investment, and space market definitions.

The document expands upon two earlier editions, which were written by teams of industry professionals over more than a decade. The terms and definitions are also available on an online glossary.

Download the 2017 Terms and Definitions. 

Download the 2012 Terms and Definitions. 

Access the online glossary.