September 25, 2018

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Supporting Free Trade Through NAFTA

As discussions continue regarding NAFTA and the U.S. and Canada work toward an agreement, NAIOP has released a statement on this important matter and its support for open, free and fair trade.
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FlexOffice 2018 Presentations and Session Recaps Now Available

Don’t miss the insights and information shared at FlexOffice 2018. The conference resources page makes it easy to download speaker presentations, read blog recaps and see news coverage of the event.
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Making Sense of US Trade Policy

Stratfor Vice President of Global Analysis Reva Goujon will examine emerging geopolitical trends during her keynote presentation at CRE.Converge 2018, Oct. 15-17, in Washington, D.C. In the meantime, hear her perspective on current U.S.-China relations and what we can expect in the months ahead in this portentous op-ed.
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Maximizing the ROI of Flexible Workspaces

Many small flexible workspace operators are trying to grow their market share – and they’re up against stiff competition. At FlexOffice 2018, a panel of owners and operators discussed the strategies they’re using to expand their coworking businesses.
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Tackling Overregulation, Port Expansion and Hurricane Recovery

NAIOP leaders from the Houston and Dallas areas gathered in the state capital for a legislative summit to discuss state-wide development issues. A highlight of the meeting was a discussion by state Rep. Tan Parker about how to maintain a climate of economic growth for Texas.
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Unraveling the Clean Water Act

Businesses and the federal government are scrambling to determine which version of the Clean Water Rule is currently in effect in which states.
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Register Now for October Online CRE Courses

Step up your skill set with two courses for experienced professionals: Advanced Development Practices starts Oct. 18, and Advanced Real Estate Finance starts Oct. 24. Register today!
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Building a More Diverse Future CRE Workforce

NAIOP-sponsored educational programs are enabling gifted and talented minority teens to explore careers in commercial real estate.
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Industry News

China Launches First Automated Warehouse

Hundreds of robots in the warehouse pack approximately 200,000 boxes per day while only four humans oversee operations.
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Montreal May End Mandatory Parking Minimums

“We want to give developers the flexibility to decide, depending on the target population and the distance from public transit, whether it is really necessary to build parking spaces," the city’s mayor said.
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Studying Human-building Interaction to Improve Workspace

An associate professor of civil engineering studies human-building interactions to see how people use their working environments – for better and for worse – after years spent working in an uncomfortable office herself.
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