July 24, 2018

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What 700+ NAIOP Members Already Know

The application period for NAIOP’s National Forums program is currently open. The Forums bring together industry professionals in select groups to share industry expertise and build lasting connections. Learn more about the program, and apply online for the Forums best suited to you.
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Where the Greatest Minds in the Industry Converge

What can you really expect at commercial real estate’s premier event? Get a one-minute video sneak peek at CRE.Converge 2018, October 15-17, in Washington, D.C.
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Real Estate Industry Collaborates to Fill Talent Pipeline

Twenty-nine real estate industry organizations, representing more than 10 million jobs, are collaborating to highlight the diverse career paths within the real estate sector.
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How #SpaceAsAService Will Disrupt the Traditional Office Model

When occupancy is on-demand, or at least by way of short-term leases, the incentive to keep pleasing the users day-in, day-out suddenly becomes of paramount importance.
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Administration Proposes Changes to Endangered Species Act

Language changes would allow the agencies to consider the cost of imposing restrictions and the cost/benefit of proposed wildlife protection.
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The Distillery North: Passive House Apartments in South Boston

With its focus on exceptional energy reduction, the Passive House building standard is the world’s most energy-efficient design approach. Development magazine explores how the largest Passive House project in Massachusetts offers lessons for developers seeking to reduce energy use and operating costs.
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Recognition for Foundation-sponsored Research

Former NAIOP Distinguished Fellows Emil Malizia, Ph.D., and Dustin Read, Ph.D., were recognized for their research studies on preferred office locations and innovation districts, respectively. Access their NAIOP-sponsored studies online.
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Industry News

Big-box Warehouse Growth in North America

A VTS blog post on the state of big-box warehouse growth in North America states that the asset class has replaced office as the most valuable sector of the market.
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Why Venture Capitalists are Investing Billions into Real Estate Technology

In 2010, the total investment in real estate technology was estimated to be $33 million. In 2017, over $5 billion was raised.
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Aging Baby Boomers May Decrease Housing Values

Baby boomers may create an oversupply of housing as they age out of their homes.
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