November 28, 2017

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Free NAIOP Member Webinar: What Forces Are Shaping Office Space Demand?

NAIOP members are invited to an exclusive, free webinar on what’s happening the office sector, including data from the new NAIOP Office Space Demand Forecast and identified linkages between overall economic activity and the demand for office real estate. Block the hour on your calendar – Wednesday, December 5, from 2-3 p.m. – and register now for this can’t-miss event.
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Attention Chapter Leaders: Registration Open for CL&LR

Leaders from across the powerful NAIOP chapter network will come together for the annual Chapter Leadership & Legislative Retreat in February 2018. Spend a few days networking and sharing strategies with your fellow leaders, taking new ideas and energy back to your chapter.
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Demand for Office Space to Increase as Economy Strengthens

With two consecutive quarters of annualized U.S. GDP growth exceeding 3.0 percent, the NAIOP Office Space Demand Forecast says net absorption of office space is expected to increase to an average of 10.4 million square feet per quarter in 2018, up from 9.3 million square feet per quarter in the forecast issued six months ago.
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Creative Building Skins and Structures

Across the globe, bold, iconic architectural visions are coming to life through creative building skins and structures. Catch a presentation on this unique topic and find any session presentations or recaps you missed on the CRE.Converge conference resources page.
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Post-Holiday, Senate Turns to Tax Bill

Congress returns from the Thanksgiving holiday this week with lawmakers prepared to focus on tax reform. If all goes according to plan, the Senate could vote on a bill by the end of the week.
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Negotiating Loan Guarantees and Cost Overruns in JVs

Real estate development joint ventures (JVs) are long-standing vehicles for joining a developer’s local knowledge and operational expertise with an investor’s financial wherewithal. Development magazine discovers how, in the current climate of capital abundance, real estate JVs with a development and construction component have become more popular as investors seek higher returns.
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Access Resources from the Office Conference

The office product is transforming at breakneck speed, and success depends on staying informed and ahead of the trends shaping the sector. Catch up on what you missed at NAIOP and GWA’s recent office conference with presentations, audio recordings and news coverage.
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Taming the Package Tsunami: Amazon Lockers and the Last Mile

Apartment property managers have witnessed the surge of e-commerce firsthand: with an overwhelming deluge of packages delivered to their residents. The volume of packages are not only affecting management teams’ time, but also property storage constraints. To manage the flood of packages, companies like Amazon are turning to innovative solutions like locker systems that allow tenants to receive packages in a secure location and pick them up on a 24/7 basis.
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Industry News

Advanced Technology Meets Construction

Nearly $10 billion in investment funding has poured into construction-technology firms over the last six years, and investors hope that the implementation of robots, sophisticated safety equipment, and unified communication systems will offset rising materials costs and labor shortages.
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Loophole Lets Banks Back Risky Real Estate Loans

After the government bailed out big banks over soured real estate loans, regulators set out to reduce banks' exposure to risky commercial mortgages, such as construction or bridge loans. However, banks are far more exposed to risky real estate loans than commonly thought thanks to a loophole: Instead of lending to construction projects directly, they increasingly lend to debt funds and mortgage trusts managed by private equity firms, which in turn lend to developers.
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Google to Redevelop Toronto Waterfront

Sidewalk Labs, a subsidiary under the Alphabet umbrella that also houses Google, will pilot the redevelopment of 12 acres of southeastern waterfront in Toronto, turning the area of industrial buildings and parking lots into a “tech-ified” community called Quayside.
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