Editorial Guidelines

Development magazine is a quarterly publication of NAIOP, the Commercial Real Estate Development Association. Available in print, online, digital and app formats, the magazine is circulated to more than 20,000 members and subscribers in the United States and Canada.

Through articles and columns, the magazine addresses products and issues impacting commercial real estate development, both now and in the future. Office, industrial, retail and mixed-used projects are featured. Topics include: leadership and management; regulatory and government affairs; the capital markets; investment sales; supply, demand and rents relating to real estate products; demographics, technology and consumer behavior; transportation and mobility; sustainability; leasing and marketing; and more.

We want to hear from you. Send your press releases, white papers, data, reports, etc., to developmentmagazine@naiop.org. To submit a feature article or content for one of our columns, click on the tabs below.


Spring 2021 Edition

Cover Story:  Wellness in the Workplace
Topic Suggestions Due: November 10
Draft Feature Articles Due: December 7
Feature Articles Due: December 21
Column Articles Due: December 29
Ad Closing: January 29
Ad Materials Due: February 5
Publication Date: March 16

Summer 2021 Edition

Cover Story: Post-Pandemic Transformations
Topic Suggestions Due: February 4
Draft Feature Articles Due: February 25
Feature Articles Due: March 11
Column Articles Due: March 19
Ad Closing: April 16
Ad Materials Due: April 23
Publication Date: June 3

Fall 2021 Edition

Cover Story: Developer of the Year
Topic Suggestions Due: May 21
Draft Feature Articles Due: June 10
Feature Articles Due: June 24
Column Articles Due: July 1
Ad Closing: July 30
Ad Materials Due: August 6
Publication Date: September 16

Winter 2021/2022 Edition

Cover Story: Technology in CRE
Topic Suggestions Due: August 27
Draft Feature Articles Due: September 9
Feature Articles Due: September 23
Column Articles Due: September 30
Ad Closing: October 29
Ad Materials Due: November 5
Publication Date: December 21

Please note: Cover story topics are subject to change without notice. Development magazine’s cover story focuses on timely commercial real estate topics and issues.  The topics are selected, well in advance, by Development editors and members of the NAIOP Editorial Board. 


Submit a Feature Article

Feature stories in Development magazine highlight completed real estate projects, relating to industrial, office, retail or mixed-use products.  Projects under construction, which are significantly pre-leased, are also of interest. These articles must be written by current NAIOP members or their designees.  They must be written exclusively for Development magazine and not previously published. NAIOP reserves the right to edit content for purposes of style, clarity and page layout.

Content for Feature Articles

The major elements of the development process, listed below, provide a good starting point for articles; however, additional ideas are welcome.

  1. Land purchase/Assembly
  2. Master plan/Rezoning
  3. Design/Construction
  4. Financing and Tax Incentives
  5. Marketing/Leasing
  6. Ongoing Operations
  7. Refinance/Sale

As a professional association, one of NAIOP’s goals is to share lessons learned and best practices among its members.  In this vein, consider the questions below when writing:

  1. Was there strong support or opposition for the project; among whom? Did the project face any regulatory hurdles? If so, how did it overcome them?
  2. Are there unique location, access, parking or pedestrian elements?
  3. Did you use new building materials or install innovative systems in the project? Is there unique technology in the building?
  4. Did you employ any unique construction processes (e.g., BIM)?
  5. What surprises, positive or negative, did you encounter along the way? How did you overcome challenges?
  6. How was the project financed?  Describe the structure and terms of the construction loan and permanent financing. 
  7. Describe public incentives obtained relative to the project.
  8. Was demand what you expected? Are you achieving absorption and rent levels inside your target range? 
  9. What industries/users did you expect to attract?  Did they materialize or have different tenants emerged?
  10. What key features or amenities did you incorporate, and why? Were they worth the investment?

Parameters for Feature Articles

  1. 1,500 words with title and subheads, double-spaced, 12 point font, in a Word document
  2. Photography: six to eight images at 300 dpi resolution in jpeg format at a size of 8 x 10 inches
  3. Exterior images can include buildings, public spaces, streetscapes/plaza areas, ideally with people
  4. Interior images can include lobbies, workspaces or other unique amenities, ideally with people
  5. Submit descriptive captions for each image, of one to two sentences

How to Submit a Topic for Consideration

  1. Project type, name and location
  2. Name of developer, architect, general contractor, legal counsel, lender, etc.
  3. Byline author; name of NAIOP member
  4. Description of the project and why it merits to be profiled as a feature story
  5. Two to three photos of the building exterior and interior

Send material to: Trey Barrineau, Managing Editor, Publications.

After we assess your submission, we will contact you to discuss specifics of the article, due dates and the editorial process.  Typically, authors are given four to six weeks to submit an article and photography.


Submit a Topic for One of Our Columns

We welcome suggestions about compelling and timely topics that can be featured in one of the columns listed below.  Column text ranges in length from 500 to 1,000 words.  Submit a graphic element, such as a table, graph or chart, to supplement your text. 

A Look Ahead

Topics address changing demographics, technology, social patterns/behaviors and new design concepts affecting future business practices and real estate products. 

The Entrepreneur

Elements of managing a commercial real estate-related company are featured, including leadership, compensation, succession and business operations (management, accounting, legal, technology, HR, marketing).

Inside Investment and Finance

The capital markets, financial structures, and investment sales activity are covered.

Strategically Green

Topics focus on new and emerging technologies, materials, systems and strategies to reduce the use of natural resources and increase building operational efficiencies.

Transportation and Mobility

This column highlights transportation modes and how they are integrated with real estate products. Ports, rail, heavy-rail, light rail, BRT, para-transit, bikes, footpaths, the changing auto industry (i.e., electric cars), water taxis, ferries, etc. are all game.

In Touch with Tenants

Topics relate to the leasing and marketing of real estate products, focusing on successful strategies and processes used to market new space; negotiate build-to-suit deals and pre-leases; retain existing tenants, etc.  

Parameters for Columns

  1. 500 to 1,000 words with title and subheads, double-spaced, 12 point font, in a Word document
  2. Submit a graphic element, such as a table, graph or charts, to supplement your text; include proper title, clear labels, relevant dates and source

How to Submit a Topic for Consideration

Send a draft with graphic elements to Trey Barrineau, Managing Editor, Publications.


Development Magazine Article Reprints

Want to use a Development magazine article as a marketing or educational tool?  NAIOP offers reprints of its magazine articles. The pricing below does not include shipping or any extra design costs. If you are interested in a quantity that is not listed below, please contact Kathy Jackson for a price quote.

  500 reprints 1000 reprints 1500 reprints 2000 reprints
2 page, color $395 $495 $585 $675
4 page, color $595 $695 $785 $875
6 page, color $895 $995 $1,095 $1,195
8 page, color $1,060 $1,170 $1,300 $1,430

You can also purchase additional copies of Development magazine for $5 each. 

To purchase reprints or additional copies of Development magazine, please fill out the reprint form and send it to Kathy Jackson or fax it to 703-904-7942. Questions? Contact Kathy Jackson at 703-904-7100.