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We welcome your ideas on topics relevant to commercial real estate industry.  Development Magazine is a national publication so submissions to the Editorial Staff should be of a national perspective.  Please see our Editorial Guidelines for more information on the content areas of interest.

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Development magazine feature articles provide an in-depth view of new or redeveloped commercial office, warehouse/distribution, retail or mixed-use projects.  Articles address the development/construction challenges, partnerships and/or collaborations, financing vehicles, lessons learned and best practices that provide takeaways for developers and owners of commercial real estate.

Please send ideas for feature articles to Trey Barrineau.


Thomas J. Bisacquino, President and CEO

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Trey Barrineau, Managing Editor

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  • Christopher J. Daly, Childress Klein, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Sarah Dreyer, Savills Studley, Washington, D.C.
  • Ryan Fitzgerald, MetLife Real Estate Investment, Washington, D.C.
  • Megan Lantz, HITT Contracting, Inc., Falls Church, Virginia
  • Jeff Latier, Black Creek Group, Denver, Colorado
  • Mark G. Levy, Hilco Redevelopment Partners, Chicago, Illinois
  • Christopher Macke, American Realty Advisors, Los Angeles, California
  • Gerard C.S. Mildner, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon
  • Jim Neyer, AI. Neyer, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Sara Shank, Beacon Capital Partners, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Tom Wulf, LOWE, Los Angeles, California