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Spring 2021 Issue


The Vaccines are Here. What Happens Next?

By: Trey Barrineau

The rollout of immunizations to defeat COVID-19 has enormous implications for the commercial real estate industry.      

Portland adaptive reuse

The Meier & Frank Building: A New Life for an Old Department Store

By: Brent Carroll

An adaptive reuse project revitalizes an iconic retail tower in Portland, Oregon.      


Cutting-edge Research That Has an Impact

The NAIOP Research Foundation's annual report highlights the relevant studies, activities and deep dives to come in 2021 and beyond.      


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Must-Read Articles

smart building

Measuring the Impact of Smart Building Technology Investments

By: Marta Soncodi
A new ratings system quantifies how effective they are across several important criteria.

How a Fully Remote Team Can Manage Large Construction Projects

By: Rob Towne
Data-driven BIM and cloud collaboration tools enable design, engineering and construction efforts to be coordinated from almost anywhere.

Packaging Construction Tasks Improves Project Success

By: Shawn Anderton
Advanced work packaging techniques can boost efficiency and lower costs.

The Catalyst Building: Sparking an Eco-District Neighborhood

By: Alice Devine
The South Landing project in Spokane, Washington, demonstrates how properties can benefit from shared energy infrastructure.

COVID-19 Creates a Downshift in Parking Demand

By: Jennifer LeFurgy
Large revenue shortfalls will accelerate technological advances, conversions and design innovations.
chula vista

Lessons in Mitigating Risk on a Megaproject

By: Ann Moore
A waterfront development in California used multiple strategies to get off the ground.
life sciences

Life Sciences Boom Sparks Design Innovations for Commercial Buildings

By: Tom Sieniewicz, Jonathan Wall and Mark Bryan
Turning existing spaces into laboratories and research areas requires special considerations.
CRE construction

Pessimism Dominates Contractor Expectations for 2021

By: Ken Simonson
Survey shows that most respondents see less work available to bid on as material prices keep climbing.

Related Research and Publications

Industrial Space Demand Forecast, Third Quarter 2021

By: Hany Guirguis, Ph.D., Manhattan College and Michael J. Seiler, DBA, William & Mary Research Foundation
Demand for industrial real estate continues to be strong as the long-term trend toward e-commerce (and away from in-store sales) continues with no end in sight. With nearly 100 million new square feet delivered nationally since the beginning of the year, 450 million square feet currently under construction and another 450 million planned, the demand for industrial real estate still outpaces supply.

A Two-Dimensional Approach to Evaluating Commercial Real Estate Markets

By: Maria Sicola, Charles Warren, PhD, and Megan Weiner, CityStream Solutions, LLC Research Foundation
A new NAIOP Research Foundation report by Maria Sicola, Charles Warren, Ph.D., and Megan Weiner builds on last year’s report on market tier and ranking systems by describing a two-dimensional approach to evaluating and comparing commercial real estate markets. The report examines 15 years of market data to test multiple two-dimensional models for evaluating the 50 largest industrial and office markets in the United States.

Office Space Demand Forecast, Second Quarter 2021

By: Hany Guirguis, Ph.D., Manhattan College and Michael J. Seiler, DBA, William & Mary and the University of Cambridge Research Foundation
Increasing COVID-19 vaccination rates and strong economic growth will help demand for office space rebound, with a return to positive net absorption forecast for the fourth quarter of 2021. Quarterly net absorption in 2022 is forecast to average 11.7 million square feet, in line with the 2015-2019 quarterly average of 11.6 million square feet.


View All Perspectives

CEO on Leadership: Gretchen Wilcox, G.S. Wilcox

By: Ron Derven
The head of the only woman-founded commercial mortgage banking firm in the country shares her experiences and an analysis of the commercial real estate industry in the aftermath of COVID-19.

Leveraging Diverse Teams to Build a Profitable Culture of Inclusion

By: Trey Barrineau
Get past assumptions and act with intention to create the workplace of the future.

Moving Forward Together in 2021

By: Molly Carson
One year ago, we were celebrating the longest economic expansion on record. Almost overnight, everything changed. Although we’re still navigating this new normal, I believe the horizon is clearing and brighter days are ahead.

From the Editor: A New Era Is Upon Us

By: Jennifer LeFurgy
Local economies will begin to reopen this spring and we will return to some semblance of normalcy.

Additional Articles


An Industrial Project Encounters Unique Challenges

By: JD Barnes
An abandoned cemetery dating to the 1800s was among the obstacles for this distribution facility near the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport.
US Capitol

Commercial Buildings a Key Focus of President Biden's Green Agenda

By: Aquiles Suarez
NAIOP supports incentive-based approaches to achieving energy efficiency.
new and noteworthy

New & Noteworthy Projects

By: Trey Barrineau
An assortment of brief facts and figures about new and noteworthy development projects.

How to Use Incentives Wisely

By: Scott Ziance and Sean Byrne
A four-pronged approach to state and local economic development incentives can help draw tenants and boost profits.

EB-5: An Alternative Source of Capital to Support Commercial Real Estate

By: Lee Y. Li
The program helps attract foreign investment into projects all over the U.S.

NAIOP Chapter Merit Awards Honor Top Programs and Individuals

By: Trey Barrineau
Recognition goes to exceptional leadership and impressive local efforts in education, special events, membership and legislative advocacy.

Research Foundation Report

This research report provides the real estate development community with insight into current and future trends in building and logistics technologies and their implications for industrial real estate. Available Now!

Evolution of the Warehouse Report