real estate as a service

The Rise of Real Estate as a Service 

By: Ron Derven Spring 2020 Issue

The flexible model is rapidly expanding beyond the office market.

real estate as a service

Real Estate as a Service: What Developers/Owners Need to Know 

By: Michael Kloppenburg Spring 2020 Issue

Real Estate as a Service: What Developers/Owners Need to Know

boston development

Boston: A 'Living City' Transforms Once Again 

By: Aaron Jodka Spring 2020 Issue

The city has experienced a building boom during the latest cycle, and even more development is on the horizon.

NAIOP 2020 research report

Cutting-edge Research That Has an Impact 

By: Various Spring 2020 Issue

The NAIOP Research Foundation's annual report highlights the relevant studies, activities and deep dives to come in 2020 and beyond.

cold storage facility

The Cold Storage Market is Heating Up 

By: Trey Barrineau Spring 2020 Issue

Surging demand for e-commerce grocery deliveries could spark more construction of refrigerated facilities.

prologis labs

Prologis Labs: An Experiment in Innovation 

By: Dustin Read and Alex Rollins Spring 2020 Issue

The company’s new research facility takes a deep dive into cutting-edge logistics technologies.

construction project

How to Plan a Successful Construction Project 

By: Jacqueline Greenberg Vogt and Robert C. Epstein Spring 2020 Issue

These 10 steps can help developers avoid headaches, delays, higher costs and legal complications.

crime scene

When Violence Erupts at a Property, Owners Can be Held Liable 

By: Chris Dunlap and Isaac Monson Spring 2020 Issue

Use proactive planning to protect life and property.

smart building

Preparing Properties for Greater Connectivity in the Future 

By: Arie Barendrecht Spring 2020 Issue

Developers who focus now on 5G, smart buildings and cybersecurity will gain an advantage over their competitors.

workplace design

The Intersection of Workplace Data and Design 

By: Ben Waber Spring 2020 Issue

In-depth information on employee preferences informs an office redesign in Boston.

building permits

Turning Building Permits into Profits 

By: Jack Dulin Spring 2020 Issue

Knowledge is critical when it comes to getting projects through the approval process.

living walls

Living Walls: As Green as It Gets 

By: Richard Kincaid Spring 2020 Issue

They can improve the air, cut down on noise and drive productivity — as well as profitability.

future of parking

The Future of Parking is in (Almost) Everyone's Hands 

By: Adam Kriegel Spring 2020 Issue

Mobile parking apps can help owners manage costs while boosting convenience for customers.

autonomous vehicle report cover

Autonomous Vehicles Will Drive Change in CRE 

By: Shawn Moura Spring 2020 Issue

A new NAIOP report shows how local governments are preparing for this transportation revolution.