Sound Bites from NAIOP’s E.CON: The E-commerce Conference

Summer 2015

Sound Bites from NAIOP’s E.CON: The E-commerce Conference in Atlanta  

“We are working very hard at Wal-Mart to shift with consumer spending. E-commerce is at a 15 to 20 percent growth rate overall. Our rate is somewhere north of 25 percent.” Robert Zelis, vice president, supply chain, Wal-Mart 

“Logistics costs dwarf land costs, especially with traffic getting worse every day.” Stan Conway, executive vice president, Majestic Realty Co. 

“Outside of the Wal-Marts and the Amazons, most true e-commerce users are not taking million-square-foot buildings. But they are looking for sales tax incentives, workforce quality and being close to UPS and FedEx hubs so they can ship products at a reasonable cost.” Scott Belfer, senior vice president, CBR

“E-commerce isn’t just small boxes, it’s the large stuff as well.” Michael Landsburg, vice president of real estate, NFI Industries, a company specializing in the shipment of odd-shaped and oversized items 

“Infill locations near major markets will be the big winners.” Nick Firth, senior vice president, acquisitions, LaSalle Investment Management