Elevator Shaft Art in NYC

Fall 2015
Elevator shafts in three of The Kaufman Organization’s Madison Square Portfolio properties now feature artwork by contemporary artist Skott Marsi portraying local icons like the Statue of Liberty, the Flatiron Building and even King Kong.

Vertical art galleries in three newly repositioned Midtown South office buildings were designed to attract TAMI tenants.     

THE KAUFMAN ORGANIZATION recently commissioned renowned contemporary artist Skott Marsi to infuse three of its Madison Square Portfolio properties (known collectively as “the Triplets”), in the Midtown South creative and tech hub, with his artistic imprint.  

Jessica Kosaric, Kaufman’s director of marketing, brought Marsi onboard to create 70 distinct pieces of art in the elevator shafts of all three of the buildings (19 West 24th Street, 13 West 27th Street and 45 West 27th Street). The pieces, prominently displayed behind new glass panels at the rear of each elevator cab, capture the essence of the neighborhood and New York City.  

As the elevators move up and down, tenants and visitors will see the vertical art galleries that showcase Marsi’s work, which pay homage to local landmarks like the Flatiron Building and icons like Christopher Walken, Andy Warhol, Robert De Niro and even King Kong. One of the paintings at 45 West 27th Street — the former location of New York City’s Prohibition Enforcement Headquarters — pays tribute to Al Capone, the infamous Prohibition-era mobster. 

Kaufman’s strategy for commissioning Marsi reflects the company’s desire to transform three once nearly vacant properties into destination office buildings for visionary, creative and forward-thinking tenants. As Midtown South continues to evolve and appeal to creative spirits, the imaginative elevator shafts are one example of the firm’s dedication to attracting inventive technology, advertising, media and information (TAMI) firms.  

The firm is reintroducing approximately 200,000 square feet of office space back to the Flatiron and NoMad neighborhoods, two of the most sought-after neighborhoods for tech and creative firms. The 33 full-floor suites in the three buildings offer prospective tenants the opportunity to lease up to 5,500 square feet of space with polished wood floors, open ceilings and ample windows.  

Kaufman also enlisted Design Republic — whose clients include Yelp, Cartier, HBO, CBS and Viacom — to create custom-designed lobbies with unique high-tech elements like illuminated, three-dimensional wooden fins that create a sense of motion as tenants travel to and from their workspaces. 

Marsi played a significant role in Kaufman’s extensive capital improvements campaign, which focused not only on transforming the three buildings, but on repositioning them to reflect the cutting-edge identity of Flatiron and NoMad. Kaufman is committed to re-energizing these previously neglected buildings to better represent Midtown South’s creative vibe and to offer innovative, functional spaces that appeal to emerging companies in the TAMI sector.